Why Selling Your Pre-Loved Wedding Dress Might Be the Best Thing You Could Do

When it comes to your wedding ceremony, it is no secret that it is supposed to be one of the most beautiful events that you will ever experience in your entire life. But once you officially tie the knot and eat that delicious wedding cake of yours, that gorgeous-looking wedding dress that you have spent a big portion of your hard-earned money on will no longer be of any use to you. Although keeping your wedding dress is always an option that you can go with, trading it in for a nice amount of cash might actually be a much better option for you.

Once again, you don’t necessarily have to sell your wedding dress. There are a few other things that you can do with it instead. For example, you can always frame your wedding dress, preserve it, donate it to some sort of charity, or even customise it into a completely different outfit. However, there are many brides out there who decide to sell their wedding dress instead, and there are several different reasons why so many women do this, and why more and more women are choosing to do this these days.

Selling your wedding gown can be beneficial in many different ways and seeing it get a new home is usually a great feeling. So, if you are planning on selling your wedding gown after your big day, here are some tips that should help you get ready to send it to an extremely excited second owner!

Should You Actually Do It?

Selling your wedding dress

Selling your wedding dress is pretty much always a great idea. This is especially true if you have bought a wedding dress that was slightly over your budget because it allows you to recoup a portion of the money that you have spent on it. But selling your wedding dress should never be just about getting some of the money back — because it is also a great way to help out those brides who would like to buy a nice wedding dress but don’t have the financial means to do it. In other words, a bride who is currently not doing too well when it comes to her financial situation would be more than happy to have your gorgeous second-hand wedding gown ready for her big day.

Some other pros of selling your wedding dress to someone else include the fact that it is a very sustainable and eco-friendly thing to do, as well as the fact that it might be able to free up some valuable space in your cupboard or wardrobe. Still, despite all of these things, selling your wedding dress is the kind of decision that only you can make. But as you can see, there are many different reasons why you should consider doing it.

Timing Is the Key to Success Here


The sooner you put your wedding dress up for sale, the better your chances of selling it. This is especially true if your wedding dress is a part of a designer collection. This is as even some second-hand buyers may still want to have the latest design of wedding dress available today, without the full price tag. That being said, if you put your wedding gown up for sale within three years of buying it, it will still attract all of the brides that are looking for your particular design.

So with this, we highly recommend not delaying on listing your dress for sale if you want the best selling price available for it. However, that being said, regardless of how many years old the dress is, it will still sell for a price.

If your wedding dress is a part of some sort of vintage wedding dress collection, you will have a bit more time to put it up for sale, as those wedding dresses won’t date as quickly as the modern ones. Keep in mind that it might be worth checking out which vintage wedding dress eras are being popular among the masses these days, as it will give you a better idea of what kind of wedding dress is more likely to sell faster.

Taking Nice Photos Is a Very Important Thing to Do


If you would like to increase your chances of selling your wedding dress to a bride-to-be quickly, you really have to make sure that it looks as good as possible in the photographs. For this, you should take some time to take nice, appealing photos of your wedding dress, as this one simple step will significantly increase your chances of selling it to another person. What we see a lot of, is people taking low-quality photos of their absolutely gorgeous wedding dress, which results in the photos not doing the dress’s beauty any justice at all.

You don’t necessarily have to use a professional camera if you don’t have one, especially now that most Smartphones have incredible cameras already built into them, and if you don’t own one of those, then I’m certain a friend or a family member of yours will that they would be happy to take the photos of your dress with. One thing that you absolutely should do is shoot the photos against a fuss-free background. Having a little bit of natural light present in the scene will help make the photo look better too. You should also be aware of the fact that photos in which you are actually wearing the wedding dress that you are trying to sell will most likely produce much better results than photos in which the dress is simply hung up inside your closet. A photograph of the dress being worn will capture the way the dress fits on the female’s body, as well as show more detail of the dress such as the lace and beads.

Thus, take good quality photos that show the full length of the gown being worn, in nice lighting, as well as taking close-up photos of the gowns detail both front and back.

Make Sure to Put the Right Price Tag On It

Put the Right Price Tag

Knowing how to put the right price tag on your wedding dress can be a difficult task for some brides. This is especially true if you are just getting your feet wet in the pre-loved wedding dress selling industry. Essentially, there is one very simple rule that you need to follow here!

  • If your wedding dress is less than three years old but hasn’t been worn even once, aim for around 75% of its original retail price ($RRP).
  • If your wedding dress is less than three years old but has been worn at least once, aim for around 50% of its original retail price.
  • And last but not least, if your wedding dress is more than three years old, you should drop another 10-20% off the aforementioned percentages.

Also, if you have some sort of vintage wedding dress, you shouldn’t have a problem putting its original retail price tag on it.

Provide a Highly Detailed Description of the Item

You need to ensure that the description of the wedding dress that you are trying to sell is as detailed and as thorough as possible. Make sure to include the correct measurements, the wedding dress style, the wedding dress design number, the name of the designer, and the wedding dress fabrics used, as well as just about any other detail that you can think of in the product description.

If you can remember exactly how many times your wedding dress has been worn, feel free to put that in as well. You should also be 100% honest about any marks, stains, or rips because you don’t want your buyer to be dissatisfied with your wedding dress. For stains or marks, make note about whether there have been previous attempts of professional dry cleaning removing these marks or stains or not. Being completely honest about your wedding dress will help you avoid any issues with the transaction. Be sure to include photos of the damage in your listing so the buyer is aware of this from the start.

Share It All Over Your Favourite Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

Last but not least, once your wedding dress listing is live on our online marketplace and up for sale, make sure to share it all over your favourite social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to get people to talk and enquire about it. Make sure that everyone — and we mean everyone, from your family to your friends to the people that you just happen to know — is able to see those photos and videos of yours.

When it comes to posting your wedding dress photos and videos on Instagram, make sure to put hashtags like #weddingdressforsale and #weddingdressinspo under your posts. You should also post your listing to just about any relevant Facebook group that you can find. The more people who know about your product, the better your chances of actually selling it to someone.

As you can see, selling your wedding dress is pretty much always a good thing to do. Now, if you are wondering where you should list your wedding dress up for sale, you should definitely consider listing your dress on our website, Only Dream DressesAustralia’s First Online Wedding Dress Marketplace for Buying & Lending and Selling & Borrowing Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses. Not only do we accept all styles of wedding dresses, but the process is very straightforward and it probably wouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes of your time to create the listing. Also, we would like to use this opportunity to advise you to have your wedding dress cleaned by either yourself or a professional before you put it up for sale. We always recommend My Dress Box for all your professional wedding dress cleaning needs as they always do a fabulous specialized job of cleaning wedding dresses like new again, but they also repair any small nicks and tears free of charge. By doing this one simple thing of listing your wedding dress for sale on our website, you significantly increase your chances of actually selling that wedding dress of yours to another person!

Only Dream Dresses xx

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