Wedding Trends for 2019 That We Love

It is very hard to believe that 2019 is here already. If you are planning your wedding for this coming year, congratulations! We have compiled some of our favourite wedding trends for 2019 that have got us excited, and which we think will inspire you too.

Romantic, luxurious, personal and lots of fun, you are sure to find something here that you love.



We are excited about the fresh and different colour combinations that are trending in 2019. Purple is coming to the forefront as something a bit unusual to the regular pinks we see so much of. A mix of different shades of green is also trending, as are some creative metallics like copper and rust.

You will see a lot of use of coral as well, experts predict, which pairs beautifully with greens like sage for a gorgeous wedding day palette.


Couples are starting to commission original hand-drawn or painted illustrations for their wedding invitations for 2019. This is a lovely way to put a very unique and personal touch on your day, and can start a theme that you can continue throughout your entire wedding.

Modern, Luxurious Decorations

We love some of the new wedding trends for 2019 that are emerging in decorations.

Vintage chic touches like chalkboards, hessian and lace are moving out to be replaced by a more luxurious and modern look.

Lots of black, metallic and velvet are being used for tables, and lights are becoming more prominent as well. We are seeing more uses of lightboxes both large and small (but always personalised) and neon too.

A scented wedding is a luscious new trend we adore, leaning on the idea that scent is one of the strongest forms of memory. Imagine choosing your own personal scent for your wedding and then having this permeate throughout the day with candles or room sprays.

The same scented candles or room spray can be sent home as a wedding favour, and whenever your guests use them in the future they will be reminded of your incredible personal day.

Photo by Chris J. Evans | Table Design by Unveiled Hawaii | Venue Montage Kapalua Bay | Flowers by Mandy Grace Designs | Rentals/Lighting by Inspiration Events Hawaii |Place Settings by Set Collections

Bring the Outdoors In

Greenery is big in floral arrangements, with some bold pops of vibrant colour from flowers. The look is as though you have literally brought the outdoors inside, with tons of lush green ferns, leaves and small bushy plants lining aisles and altars.

Wedding arches are becoming a big favourite, which you can decorate to your heart’s content. Again, think greenery, bold flowers and modern luxe. Interestingly, we are also seeing some plush uses of grasses in floral decorations, such as pampas grass.

Wedding Favours

Along with personalised scented candles, wedding favours are becoming more individualised than ever, with extra effort being put in to tell a story of where the couple have come from. Food-related items from the couple’s hometown are trending, as are items which tell a bit of a narrative about how they met and fell in love.

Shared Food

Using food as decoration is trending for 2019, with grazing platters and dessert buffets very popular. Rather than paying for extra decorations, savvy couples are using their food as the focal point of the reception, with platters that look like works of art.

Couples are also moving towards long banquet tables with low centrepieces, so everyone can get to know each other better and really enjoy the celebration as a family group. Reception layouts are moving away from the individual and round tables to something more medieval and communal in the atmosphere.

Wedding dining is becoming more of an ongoing shared experience rather than structured courses and individual plates.

There is also a bigger emphasis on sourcing local and seasonal produce, with couples again proudly showing off the cuisine of their wedding location and using sustainable practices to reduce carbon footprints of their food. Regional ingredients are big in reception dining and in wedding cakes.

Exotic Bars and Luxe Wedding Cakes

Bars are becoming a bit more exotic, offering more than just beer, wine, and soft drink. Couples like the new trend of choosing a spirit to showcase, and having, for example, a gin bar, tequila tastings or a range of rich opulent scotches for guests to try.

Wedding cakes are also going rich and luxurious, moving away from the naked trend of 2018. Cakes will be textured and detailed, with lots of rippled white icing, big sugar flowers, and metallic accents.

Non-traditional Roles

Wedding traditions are continuing to get a shake-up in 2019, with roles becoming less age or gender-specific and more couples just embracing love and difference. We are seeing more bridesmen and groomsladies (or whatever you want to call them!) as well as flowermen or flower-grandmas (how gorgeous an idea is this?), and dogs and children being used everywhere.

And you can completely forget the tradition of being ‘given away’ – in modern weddings you never what is going to happen in terms of walking down the aisle!

Instagrammable moments

Couples and their photographers are looking more and more for the Instagrammable moments for the wedding day. Wedding albums are not just fat leather-bound books you get months after the date – they are real-time and interactive.

Guests and your professionals will post gorgeous moments from your big day as they happen, so couples are looking for more big dramatic looks and backdrops and that ‘wow’ factor.

Food like opulent wedding cakes and sumptuous grazing tables make for great social media pics, as do things like fairy lights, confetti explosions, and fireworks.

Whatever trend you like, we hope you create an incredible, personal, and memorable day to tell your unique love story and start you off on the future path with your soulmate.

Main Photo by EPS Photography


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