Wedding Trends for 2020

I’m not sure if it’s scaring you quite as much as it’s scaring me – but 2020 is almost here! Just around the corner and a new decade is upon us, bringing with it all sorts of strange and wonderful ideas.

If you are planning your wedding for next year or soon in the new decade, you have to check out our list of the top wedding trends for 2020. From the individual to the intriguing to the inspiring, we have listed all that you need to throw a cutting-edge celebration – that will have them all talking still in 2030!

Top 7 Wedding Trends for 2020

Less Universal – More Us

Trends are moving away from wedding-y in general as couples make choices that are more about who they are than being traditionally marital or bridal. This includes all parts of the special day – we are seeing fewer colour palettes and wedding themes and a move towards creating a whole ambience or telling a whole story with the day.

Traditional roles are going out the window with all ages, genders and even some animals playing pivotal roles in the ceremony. Bridal parties are being dressed in a more personal and practical style in line with contemporary fashion and their own individual personalities.

Tablescapes and decorations are looking sleeker and more focused, with more personal creativity and sophisticated choices popping up everywhere.

Bold Colours

The individuality in contemporary weddings means that you no longer even need to have a colour palette for your day, but if you want to, go big!

Modern couples are selecting bolder and brighter colour options for their day, moving away from pinks, pastels and other classics and instead of going for vibrant and contrasting hues. It’s all about finding your own personal style and going with what makes you smile.

preloved wedding dresses gold coast
‘Wild Flower’ by Millinity Bridal Couture available on our site

Wedding Dresses

The big news in wedding dresses is that a dress is no longer your only option. Designers recognise that brides want to look and feel like themselves, and be comfortable as well as sensational. Women have a greater understanding of their own look and what works for them and want something to suit.

From shorter lengths to separates to knits, jumpsuits and more, there is an abundance of options out there for this incredible day. You are also not restricted to just one outfit, with many brides choosing to slip into something more comfortable, but just as special, for their reception.

Sustainable Weddings

The popularity of green and sustainable weddings is only gaining momentum, which we think is kind of awesome. Couples are becoming more aware of the different ways they can help the environment on their wedding day, and more vendors and services are offering earth-friendly options.

You can choose to reduce, reuse and recycle everything you buy for your big day, making it no longer a single-use economy.

Go with digital invitations or those that are printed on seed paper. Choose preloved big-ticket items such as your wedding gown, and grow your own flowers for the big day at home, or buy locally grown, and give out sustainable wedding favours such as seeds or plants.

Choose an all in one venue to reduce travel for everyone, and include local vendors, food and drinks, or go with a green reception venue that makes the lowest carbon imprint possible.

Flower crown by Down The Garden Path

Statement Headpieces and Minimalist Hair

Veils used to be one of the most cookie-cutter parts of a wedding day, with most brides looking essentially the same. While of course you don’t need to wear a veil and can mix it up instead with a statement headpiece such as flowers, bling or a cute fedora, veils in 2020 are making statements of their own as well.

From Meghan Markle to Hailey Bieber (modern women with two very different styles…), we are seeing more and more personal embroidery and other touches on veils. You might like to include monograms, flowers, a meaningful quote or lyric – a touch which will be bold and individual on the day and make for a precious heirloom to pass down through your family.

Also following the ethereal Duchess of Sussex, brides are opting for more minimalist and fuss-free hair-dos, such as natural buns or soft, flowing locks.

Inspired Food

Wedding reception food is continuing to become more varied, as couples get creative and embrace their gourmet side. Showcasing the best in regional and seasonal produce is one way to do this, as well as mixing up dining styles from the traditional to the unexpected.

We love seeing oyster and cocktail bars, food trucks and big share tables – bringing the fun and party atmosphere to what used to be a more formal day. This also a more sustainable and authentic way to pay homage to the location where you chose to tie the knot.

Embracing Nature

The trend for outdoor weddings continues without fading, with more and more venues and options for places to hold your customised wedding celebration. Marquees come in all sizes, shapes and looks and can be put up almost anywhere, so you have far greater choice about your special location.

Indoor weddings are still all about embracing nature and the outdoors, with lots of greenery for décor such as statement archways and hanging centrepieces. Venues with a view or with floor to ceiling windows, or better yet, removable walls are the go-to choice as couples want to connect with their natural world on their big day.

If you are getting married in 2020 – congratulations! Make sure that you tell your own story, celebrate who you are as a couple and throw an unforgettable party.

Main Photo by Alex Cohen Photography | Venue is Gabbinbar Homestead


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