Something Blue – How the 2021 Colour of the Year can make your Wedding Wonderful

Calm and comfort aren’t usually the first words that spring to mind about your wedding day. But this is exactly the vibe we get from Pantone’s lovely colour of the year for 2021 – classic blue.

A deep, rich and luxurious colour, it feels relaxing and nurturing and is certain to bring a touch of serenity to your hectic day.

We love the ways that you can incorporate the colour of the year into your wedding day – to start with it will make a gorgeous ‘something blue’.  The colour is genderless and seasonless, so works well for everybody and any time of the year.

You can use this deep blue as the base colour for your whole wedding, and add a couple of lighter or complementary tones to finish off the palette, or add classic blue as an extra colour to a base palette of another colour.

This is a divine colour which goes well with almost anything. Pantone have put together some sample palettes to show you how this colour can be used with other tones, check them out here:

As an example, we love the wedding ideas palette of classic blue and one of these combinations:

  • Baby blue, peach and a dove grey
  • Coral, lime and a bold deep green
  • Silver, black and purple
  • Coconut white and a light fresh pink
  • Crisp white and deep yellow
  • Any jewel tone such as ruby, grape, gold or emerald.

Let’s have a look at some unique and personal ways you can showcase classic blue across your wedding ideas day theme.

10 Wedding Ideas for Pantone Colour of the Year 2021

For the Bride

This bonnie blue colour would make a perfect pop of something different to add to your traditional white or ivory gown. Classic blue looks wonderful as a satin belt, or in some bling like a hairpiece, pin or jewellery. It also looks incredible as a dramatic eye shadow, especially for evening weddings.

wedding ideas
Photo by Freya Lear

Bold and Beautiful Boys

Men’s suits have come a long way in recent years and they are no longer left with just the boring black and white options. Tailored, coloured and even patterned, attire for the groom and the men in the bridal party is now more unique and fashionable than ever.

We love the idea of putting the groom in a classic blue suit, or for the more conservative or traditional guys, classic blue would make a lovely pop of colour for a tie or suspenders.

Lovely Ladies

Classic blue makes a perfect hue to put your bridesmaids in, it is elegant and sophisticated, flattering and fun all at the same time. From full-length gowns for a formal affair to tea-length dresses and pretty blue patterns for a more rustic theme, there is just so much than you can do with blue.

And I know we always hope that your girls will be able to wear their bridesmaid’s dresses again, but when they come in this colour they really will wear them again!

Watercolour Look Invitations

Watercolour brush strokes create a memorable effect on invitations, and you can easily carry this motif across all your printed material for the day including signs, place settings and tags on your favours.

wedding ideas
Flowers by Mrs Gibbons Flowers


There are few things in this world more spectacular than blue flowers. Somehow they seem so ethereal and magical, as though we aren’t quite sure how they happened or how long they will last. You can incorporate some lovely blues into your bouquet and also into table decorations using flowers such as cornflowers, hydrangeas, violets, delphiniums, blue hyacinth or orchids.


Classic blue is the colour of blueberries, which we think look gorgeous when used as a motif on your wedding day. You could have a hand drawn sketch or watercolour painting of blueberries on your invitations and then carry the theme on using sprigs of blueberries in table decorations, blueberries in food or cocktails, and in your wedding favours.

Blueberries also look stunning as a special touch to a white wedding bouquet.

Wedding Photos

Classic blue is the perfect tint of the sky at dusk and would look so good as the main colour in a huge ‘wow’ factor backdrop for photos from your wedding day.

Photographers and videographers love taking photos at sunset – chat to yours about waiting just that little bit longer until the sky turns classic blue, and see what magic they can come up with for an unforgettable album.

The smoke bomb effect that is so popular in wedding photos also looks sensational and striking in the deep indigo shades of the colour of the year.


As something quite different, showcasing blue on your wedding cake is a great way to really let this colour shine. Simply Google ‘classic blue wedding cake’ and see what incredible images pop up – you’ll be spoiled for choice for a wedding cake, unlike anything your guests have seen before.

A clean blue ribbon trim on each layer of a white traditional cake creates a sophisticated effect, or you could go all in and cover the cake in whole layers of blue flowers, prints or just rich blue icing.

Wedgewood China

The iconic blue detailing on Wedgewood China just happens to be the perfect shade of blue for 2021. Imagine an entire reception setting based around the lovely contrasting blue and white of this china. You could use the china as a motif on your invitations, and then have a high tea celebration, or even give away lovely teacup and saucer sets as your favours.

Water Features

If you have chosen a waterfront wedding venue, at some point across the day or night the water will be the ideal shade of classic blue. This could make the perfect backdrop for your vows or a spectacular toast or first dance of the evening.

If you aren’t anywhere near water, you can arrange a water feature in your venue (many will have a fountain, waterfall or waterwall that you can use) as a focal point of the day.

If you were well ahead of your time and have already had a wedding that showcases this lovely blue, send in some pictures for our gallery, we would love to see your personal touches and wedding ideas.

Nat & elke xx

Main Photo: Stationery: La La Design Perth | Shoot Coordinator: Iconic Weddings Perth | Venue: The Melbourne Hotel | Photographer: Shosh Creative for Business | Florals: Green Vase Flowers | Stylist: Bertie Does | Tablewear: Side Serve | Table Linen: The Tailored Table | Furniture: M Event Hire

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