Wedding Dress Styles You Can Actually Dance In

Brides can make a lot of sacrifices on their wedding day in the name of looking good. We all hear about dresses that you can’t sit down in, or that need three bridesmaids’ help to go the toilet. Of course, you want to look your very best on the biggest day of your life. But have you chosen a wedding dress that you can dance in?

Recent trends in wedding dresses show more personal style and comfort inclusions, while still looking incredibly stunning. Brides have demanded dresses that are not forms of torture, but still make us look like princesses, and expert wedding dress designers have answered the call.

Wedding dresses tend to be full length and tailored to be slim fitting at least around the bust, arms and waist. They also have a lot of fabric layers and are often really heavy as well. Some more modern styles are also quite straight and fall directly to the floor. Are these wedding dresses you can dance in?

Many couples’ first dance will end up being just swaying from side to side because that’s all the movement the bride can manage, both because her dress is so fitted and because she’s exhausted from carting it around all day!

Just kidding, it’s not quite that extreme, but have you considered how well you will be able to dance on the day? Think not just about your first dance together, but also if you were planning on kicking your heels up (or off!) for the rest of the night.

One dress or two?

You have a couple of options here, either stay in the one dress all day, and make sure this is one you can dance in or have a second dress to change into for dancing. Most full-length dresses, especially those ones with trains, will have a bustle feature where you can hook or button up the skirt in the back to dance.

Either way, your dancing dress will need to allow you to lift your arms, move your legs, and breathe easily as well. You might also like a nice twirly effect in your skirt too.

If dancing on your wedding day is a big part of the fun for you but you are still going with a traditional dress, make sure that you tell your designer you want to be able to dance in it. They will make sure that you are comfortable and can move.

Wedding Shoes You Can Dance In
Shoes by: House of Elliott
Photo supplied by: Jess Palatucci Photography

Consider as well changing to flat shoes, or ones with better grip for dancing as well. I even saw one wedding where the guests were given their own thongs to dance in and take home afterwards, with the bride in thongs too!

Here are some gorgeous wedding dress styles you can dance in


Tea-length gowns are beautiful, bringing to mind brides of a bygone era. Imagine Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. With a lovely, full skirt for excellent twirling, and a hem that stops mid-calf, you will be free and happy in this style, and still look feminine and classic.

This style is very comfortable and easily looks formal enough that you could say your vows in it too. Some styles are even clever enough to have pockets!


This is a similar style but takes the hem up a little more and has an even fuller skirt. This style is much more for dancing, so might be a better option if you were going to get changed after having your ceremony in something more formal. You could add some prints and colour here too and come up with something really whimsical and different.


Look for a dress that uses lightweight fabric for a softer, lighter and more flowy effect on your wedding day. You can choose something floor-length this way, but still, dance easily, and may not be as hot in our Aussie summer. An empire-line dress works well in this sort of fabric, as does a Grecian style.

Another option for this is to wear two pieces, with a top and maxi skirt in a draping fabric.


These dresses are longer in the back than the front and are also known as waterfall dresses. The length can be anything really, but they show a bit more leg and give much freer movement for when your boogie hits.

Wedding pantsuits you can dance in
Jumpsuit Design: Amanda James Design | Photography: David Studarus | Model: Eve Ettinger | Hair & makeup: Helen Robertson Glam Squad and Marina Migliaccio


This is one wedding trend we adore. Channel Solange Knowles on her wedding day and mix it up with a bridal jumpsuit. There is no dancing move that you can’t achieve in this outfit.


The sixties-style dresses are super cute and very fun to party in later at night. Be careful that you don’t go too tight fitting or too short, however, as this might not improve your dancing ability but create new problems! Go for a straight skirt that you can still move in and falls just above your knees.


If you love the full-length skirt and don’t mind a bit of drama, why not add a thigh-high split to your dress? This gives much more leg room while still offering the traditional length. It is elegant and confident look to carry off, but when better to be confident than on your wedding day?

Wedding suits

Another chic alternative to the dress is a wedding suit or tuxedo. You could wear one all day and night or wed in a traditional dress and then change into a sleek white suit for the party. Men have known for years how relaxing being in pants in – why should they get to be the only ones in comfort?

Style is by no means compromised here; wedding suits are feminine, sophisticated and super-glamorous as well.

Modern women are all about being gorgeous without compromising comfort or fun, and these wedding dresses you can dance in are stylish proof of that!

Main Photo by Sydney Wedding Dance Lessons


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