6 Original Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Big wedding table centrepieces filled with bouquets of fresh flowers are a popular sight at wedding receptions, but who says you need to go the same way as everyone else on your big day?

Think outside the box and make your wedding centrepieces as original and personal as your own love story. Choose something that fits seamlessly in with the colours, style or theme of your wedding day, but still leaves all of your guests talking about the unique effect you managed to create.

Move away from vases of flowers and check out these six awesome original wedding centrepiece ideas for your special day.

6 Original Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Textured Wedding centerpieces | Wedding centerpiece ideas
Photo credit : By Melinda Photography | Styling by: Best Day Ever Events

Textured Luxe

This look is a little OTT but in the very best way. It relies more on a variety of layering rather than fresh flowers, so can be an economical option as well as a good DIY one.

For this you need lots of luxurious textures, think lace, velvet, ribbons, strings of pearls, crystals or other bling. You can use a candelabra, lantern, birdcage or vase as your base, and then layer up the textures, draping as you go.

Placing items on a mirrored base also creates a gorgeous effect.


Candles are gorgeous as centrepieces and add a wonderful romance and whimsy to the scene. Candles work best in variety, so think about a range of heights, shapes and sizes when creating your centrepieces. You can also create a fantasy-like effect with just heaps and heaps of tealights instead of larger candles and candle holders.

We also love using fairy lights as centrepieces for a simple yet elegant look that always offers big WOW factor.

You can drape fairy lights around rustic objects like interesting native twigs or driftwood (great for a beach wedding). You can also drape fairy lights between larger ornate centrepieces like big vases or candelabras, meaning you don’t need as many of the ornate pieces themselves to craft a look with big impact.

Take Home Centrepieces

If you are trying to save money or reduce waste in your wedding design, you might like to double up on your centrepieces, and send them home as wedding favours for your guests as well. These options not only look great, but they can economically just make more sense.

Some original take-home wedding centrepiece ideas that we love include:

  • Customised engraving on vases or buckets, and inviting guests to fill them with the blooms from your centrepieces
  • Using living plants such as orchids, bonsais or succulents as centrepieces for your guests to then take home as favours
  • Tabletop terrariums decorated with small plants, seashells, vibrant blooms and more
  • Lavender boxes for each couple to take home
  • Jars of handmade soap, candles or bath salts
  • Big gorgeous bowls of coloured sweets accompanied with a silver serving spoon, and a small stack of treat boxes to be filled when ready
  • Stacks of beautifully decorated and ribboned boxes containing any other choice of wedding favour, propped as colourful centrepieces instead of along a table against a wall somewhere.

Hanging centrepieces

Some of the most stunning centrepieces we have seen this wedding season are the inverted ones. Instead of using a vase on the table and stretching your flowers and greenery up from the base, inverted centrepieces run a suspended system above the table and the flowers and greenery instead hang down to create a central effect.

This can be a little involved, but it truly looks amazing. The hanging effect does double duty meaning that you don’t need decorations on the roof and walls as well as the tables. It can make a larger space look more rustic and intimate too.

Lifting your centrepieces up off the table frees up table space as well as allowing your guests to interact without having to lean around big vases to talk.

And there are so much originality and personal ideas you can bring to this concept, meaning that your wedding tables will well and truly look unlike anyone else’s.

Big effects with simple greenery

There are some lovely looks that you can create by using a lot of just one simple type of greenery, such as baby’s breath, ivy or ferns. Low cost to buy in bulk, you can make some stunning centrepieces such as small birdcages stuffed to bursting with baby’s breath, or ivy wound around elegant antique look candlesticks.

Draping ferns along the length of longer tables also creates a gorgeous effect, as does bunches of sweetly scented herbs such as rosemary.

This look is simple but over the top at the same time. Choose just one type of luscious greenery, don’t add complexity with too many types, but load up just on that one kind for a big and beautiful effect.

Minimalist wedding centerpiece | Wedding centerpiece ideas
Florals by: Good Seed Floral | Photo by: Jessica Heron Images | Styling by: Mae and Co Creative

Minimalist centrepieces

Many receptions will go big with their centrepieces, filling oversized vases with massive colourful bouquets, but the minimalist look offers sophistication and modern style for less. You don’t need to accentuate both the vase and the flowers, but choose one or the other.

Vibrant flowers can look wonderful in crisp white cardboard boxes or recycled mason jars or tins painted gold rather than showy vases. Or you can select large intricate vases and fill them with sand, fruit, stones or other minimalist items rather than flowers and greenery.

Bare winter sticks can look incredible when painted with metallic paint and bunched in tall vases, with minimal other decoration. Painted pinecones work well also in glass containers, because the intricate grooves and crevasses of the pinecones themselves mean that you need little else going on.

If you tried something unique for your wedding or have seen a fantastic idea at someone else’s we would love to see pictures!

Main photo and styling by Best Day Ever Floral Design

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