Trimming Your Guest List For Your COVID-19 Wedding

If you are dealing with some sort of wedding drama as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, there is absolutely no doubt that you are just one of many people who are struggling to either create or completely re-create their wedding ceremony. It is no secret that couples that are planning a wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic are facing all sorts of challenges. With this in mind, if you are planning on officially tying the knot before the end of 2020 or into early 2021, be prepared to come face-to-face with many different regulations and guidelines pertaining to the wedding industry.

Some of the Coronavirus-related regulations that we are talking about here include the requirement to wear masks, the requirement to have your body temperature checked before entering certain venues, the requirement to go into a 14-day quarantine period from guests that are traveling from regions stipulated by your locations’ government, and more. In addition to all these regulations and guidelines, some special amendments had to be made for the food and beverage service. For instance, the number of people who are allowed to gather might not be as high as you originally hoped for. And the same thing can be said about your entire wedding ceremony as well.

As a result of all these regulations and guidelines, more and more couples are opting to make their wedding guest list smaller so that they can still get married. And while it is true that, to some people, downsizing your wedding guest list might seem like a bad idea, it comes with its own share of advantages as well. For instance, downsizing your wedding guest list not only allows you to save a considerable amount of money, but it also allows you the opportunity to still get married despite this pandemic going on!

You Get to Save Some of Your Hard-Earned Money

Save Some of Your Hard-Earned Money

Spending your hard-earned money on things like fancy plates, luxury linens, and a special type of glassware can add up to a whole lot of money when you have a hundred people on your wedding guest list. Not to mention that for every guest that attends, including Aunty Jane’s sister’s cousin, you have to foot the food and beverage bill for their attendance as well, which could easily amount up to at least AUD $150 per head. Having a larger guest list also involves you having to hire a bigger venue, which will not only cost more money because of the size of the space you are hiring, but also because there will need to be more staff to help manage the venue set up and all the people. However, when there are only about 30 or 40 people on your wedding guest list, things tend to become much more tolerable financially. Besides, trimming your wedding guest list doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t throw some sort of bigger party late on that everyone can attend. That might be an even better idea because such parties typically don’t come with as many formalities as a traditional wedding ceremony.

It Becomes Easier For You to Communicate With Your Guests

Communicate With Your Guests

When you have a smaller wedding guest list, it is easier for you to focus both your time and your attention on most or all of your guests. However, when you have a much bigger wedding guest list of about a hundred plus guests, it is pretty much impossible to engage in a nice conversation with each and every single individual, let alone take a few photos with each guest. Having a smaller wedding guest list might also make your guests feel much more comfortable when it comes to the COVID-19 situation.

That being said, although limiting your wedding guest list sounds like an easy task for some people, others find it to be quite an uncomfortable thing to do, and that is completely understandable. After all, removing someone you love and care about from your wedding guest list might create some bad feelings in your heart, which is especially true if the original wedding ceremony invitations have already been sent to all your planned guests. The following are some tips that will hopefully be able to help you trim down your wedding guest list without upsetting anyone, including yourself!

Remove Anyone You Don’t Communicate With On a Regular Basis

Remove Anyone You Don't Communicate With On a Regular Basis

Although this may not be an easy thing to do for some couples, removing anyone you don’t communicate with on a regular basis and whom you don’t share a close relationship with from your wedding guest list is actually one of the best ways to trim down your guest list without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Your long lost cousins and your long lost high school friends that you haven’t heard a word from in about a decade — those are the people that you probably shouldn’t invite to your wedding (at least not during the Coronavirus pandemic) if you’re looking at cutting your guest list down without feeling bad about it. One important thing that you may not know about this whole situation is that many people will probably actually be relieved when they find out that they are not on your wedding guest list at this point in time as some people can have their own reasons for not particularly wanting to attend weddings (not just yours!).

Only Invite Those People That You Cannot Even Imagine Your Wedding Ceremony Without

Cannot Even Imagine Your Wedding Ceremony Without

If you want to cut your guest list down, then make sure to only invite those people that you absolutely want to be a part of your wedding ceremony. Even if your big day ends up having only about 10 or 20 guests, but guests that you are actually going to want to communicate with, that is still a better option than inviting a hundred people that you don’t even know as well as you would like to.

To make things easier for yourself when it comes to this kind of thing, think of all those people that were among the very first ones to find out about your engagement because there is a good chance that those people are the ones that you have been having nice conversations with on a regular basis for who knows how long now, isn’t that right. However, make sure to reach out to these individuals to make sure that they will actually be able to attend your wedding ceremony. By doing this one simple thing, you will have a much easier time deciding how many additional guests — if any — you will be able to send an invitation to.

Some of Your Planned Guests Should Have the Option to Attend Your Wedding Virtually

Attend Your Wedding Virtually

Once you have a really good idea of who will be able to be there to witness your wedding ceremony in person, some of your originally planned guests that won’t be able to be there in person should be given an option to attend your wedding virtually. If there is one thing that the Coronavirus situation has taught us, it is that modern technology can help keep us together, even when we have to be physically apart from each other. You should sit down with your partner and think about all the things that you can do to incorporate your virtual guests into your wedding ceremony. Platforms that offer video calls include Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Skype and Zoom.

Limit all the Plus-Ones

When it comes to holding a wedding ceremony in the middle of the COVID-19 outbreak, letting your guests bring some of their family members or friends — also known as “plus-ones” — is something that you probably cannot allow yourself to do. Of course, if you know a couple that you are really good friends with, that is another story, but just about anything else is likely off-limits. Make sure to let the fact that plus-ones are very limited be known ahead of time to avoid any potentially uncomfortable situations.

During these difficult times, most — if not all — of your guests will understand why you made the decision to cut down on your wedding guest list and some of them might still decide to be in attendance regardless of the fact that you didn’t allow them to bring their loved ones with them. If you are still not 100% sure that you can do this to your wedding guests because you are worried that they might get mad or something like that, explaining why you made that decision might be able to make things easier for everyone involved.

Turn Your Wedding Ceremony Into an Adults-Only Event

Wedding Ceremony Adults Only Event

Deciding not to let adult guests bring their children to your wedding ceremony is one of the best ways to cut your wedding guest list down a little bit. Of course, your own kids — if you have any — could still be an exception to this rule, and the same thing can be said about your partner as well. Even if you have nephews or cousins that you are really close to, allowing them to attend your wedding might not be the best thing to do for you. One of the main reasons for this is that not all children are known for following all the social distancing regulations that have been put on us.

Exclude Your Coworkers

Excluding your coworkers is another great way to cut down on your wedding guest list, so it is just as important. Unless you have a coworker who is a really close friend of yours outside of work, removing your coworkers from your wedding guest list is a pretty straightforward way to put a certain number on how many people will be able to attend your wedding ceremony in person. This is an especially easy thing to do for people that work from the comfort of their home as there is a good chance that they haven’t seen or spoken to any of their coworkers in a while.

And there you have it! These are some of the best ways to cut down on your wedding guest list without hurting anyone’s feelings. Keep in mind that you can always hire a professional wedding planner to help you deal with your wedding guest list. Just don’t think about it too much and everything should be okay!

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