What is Trending When it Comes to Wedding Favours?

Wedding favours are one of those cute and quirky things that can be really memorable. You can send your guests off with one last little personal touch that perfectly tops off your day.

Wedding favours are a cool part of the day, but they are something you can choose to do without. Nothing is so traditional that it has to be included in a wedding – everything is up to you! If you are going to include wedding favours on your big day, make sure that you choose something that really pops or gives value.

Don’t throw your budget away on uninspired wedding favours when there are so many ideas and options out there. And don’t just give your guests yet another trinket to take home and stick on a shelf and forget about – bring joy to your guests, whether it lasts for a moment or as long as your marriage.

Sneaky tip – don’t forget a little sign to let your family and friends know why you chose this little gift as a takeaway from your big day.

There are some awesome trends in wedding favours out there that have got us really excited. If you want something completely different, and that hasn’t been seen a hundred times before, this is your list.

Top Ten Cool New Trends in Wedding Favours

Beautiful Drinkware

Drinkware as a keepsake can be tacky and then it can be luxurious. Think beyond heavy pint glasses or cartoonish shot glasses, and go more high class as well as functional.

We love handpainted glassware such as these found on Etsy You can imprint a personalised couples logo, wedding date or even a nice pattern for guests to remember your day.

Another great idea that is rustic, modern and timeless all at once are these copper mule mugs, which can be hung with a personal tag with a message of thanks. When you purchase these mugs, a portion of the money is sent to communities that need help in Nepal and India.

Infused olive oil for wedding favours
Photo credit: Neatekim and Olive oil supplied by: Grampians Olive Co.

Infused Olive Oil

This is a nice way to showcase the wares of a local handmade business as well as highlight some flowers or herbs native to your home region. Get some infused olive oil made and have it personalised with your own sweet message – this is one wedding favour that is guaranteed to get used again and again after your day is but a memory.

Gorgeous teatowels

The words gorgeous and teatowel don’t often go together, but when they do we love it! Arrange for something personalised or stunningly artistic, then your guests can show them off in their kitchens or use them to carry out homemade gourmet creations to the dining table.

You can even get these professionally calligraphed for a really beautiful, personal touch, or monogrammed with your names.

Macarons - the perfect wedding favour
Photo and Macarons credit: Macarons by Monika 

Cookies and Macarons

There are some incredibly talented bakers out there! You can design your own personalised cookies or macarons. These can have your initials on them or little cartoon images of you as bride and groom. You could even get tiny cookies made to look like your beloved pets (in bow ties and top hats, of course!)

With macarons, you and your partner can each choose your favourite flavours and showcase why your flavour combination is as awesome as your pairing in real life!

The captured photo are some macarons made and coloured to tie in with couples beach wedding. They even look like they are sitting in some real sand!

Welcome bag

Rather than giving your favours out at the end, why not consider a tailored gift bag to give your guests to welcome them to your wedding?

This could include local foodie treats from your wedding destination, or perhaps your honeymoon destination.

Decorate your own popcorn

As a new kind of buffet, we love having fresh popcorn for your guests to top as they like and then take home, perhaps nibbling in the taxi on the way. Get personalised popcorn boxes with your names and wedding date to take them away.

There is also a bit of trend with flavoured popcorn. No, I am not talking about that ghastly coloured popcorn, but the salted caramel flavoured or maybe savoury like sweet chilli and lime.  

Mini bottles of drink

Because you can personalise any label, we love the idea of giving away mini bottles of bubbly, locally made juice or even some boutique cold brew coffee. Choose drinks that you love and share your love of this with everyone else at your wedding.

Hot Chocolate Mix

This is a lovely idea for a wedding in the cooler months, and you can put so many little twists and your own personal spin onto it. Source supercute little bottles or jars, get customised labels or sweet vintage style tags with a heartfelt message. Chocolate powder, mini marshmallows and even a tiny bottle of liquor for an extra special kick!

Signature-cocktail for spring wedding

Signature Cocktails

This is a cool way to run a theme through your whole day. Invent customised cocktails to present to your wedding guests upon arrival, something named after each of the people getting married. Then as a wedding favour, give a lovely print with the cocktail recipe and your thank you message, and a cocktail making keepsake, such as a wooden muddler or silver shaker.

Handmade soap

Choose a scent of flower or herb that you both love, or that tells your story as a couple. Think outside the box in terms of ingredient combinations and colours; soap is anything but boring and drab! We love things like thyme and raspberry, matcha vanilla, or even turmeric, ginger and honey.

You can make them yourself (if you have the time!) or get them made, as well as printed or stamped with your own details.


Anything with succulents involved are so hot right now!! But guess what! These little babies are so cost-effective and can be used as gifts for your guests to plant in their own garden. You don’t need a green thumb to grow these, so if you plan in advance you would be able to create your own succulent pots for your guests. Otherwise, there are some awesome succulent suppliers such as Sara’s Garden in Brisbane that created the wedding favour in the main photo.

If you are still not inspired, take a walk around some local weekend markets of handmade goods – you are sure to find some inspiration. Think of ways you can tell your story or the story of your home, as well as promoting small and bespoke businesses.

There are so many lovely, creative and personal ways to say thanks!

Main photo and succulents by Sara’s Garden


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