Top Ten Best Things About a Spring Wedding

The flowers are out, the sun is shining, and everyone is happy – spring is here! Spring is one of the busiest seasons when it comes to weddings, and it is easy to see why.

If you are thinking of a spring wedding, we have put together a list of our favourite things about having a wedding at this gorgeous time of year.

If you are looking for inspiration have a read below, and start making notes and collecting images for your mood board while you are at it.

Only Dream Dresses’ Top Ten Best Things about a Spring Wedding

Spring Wedding Theming Ideas
Photo credit: Brown Paper Parcel 


The colours of a spring wedding are rich and vibrant, and you have such a wide range of choice for your spring wedding palette.

You can choose pink of basically any hue, and pair it with bright yellow, cornflower blue, mint green, bold purple, lavender and more. Choose two or three colours for your theme and use these as the base for everything else, including invitations, decorations, flowers and dresses.


The weather in spring is one of the main reasons why it is the perfect time for a wedding. With days warming up and rain easing, but not too much of the Aussie sun just yet, the balance of climates is spot on.

You still may need to plan for light spring rain, but this is easily managed, check out our blog about it here. And there are lovely cool evenings in spring, meaning good for snuggling with a new hubby. You could also offer warm shawls or blankets to guests for bare shoulders at the reception.


You generally have the widest range of flower choices in spring, naturally. And while some favourites such as roses and lilies are available year-round, some stunning blooms are more easily (and economically) found in spring.

Choose from daisies, jasmine, lilac, peonies, poppies, lily of the valleys, cornflowers, blushing brides, and much, much more. Your bouquet is more likely to hold up better across a spring wedding day than in summer for example, where it can start to wilt.

Spring Wedding Dress Ideas
Photo and Dress credit: Anna Campbell Bridal


With the warm sun, you can start to show bits of skin again, with wedding dresses becoming more playful and pretty in spring. Think of lace motifs and flower embroidery touches (Meghan did this one to perfection!), sweet cap sleeves or invisible panels. You might even like to choose a different length of dress and bare your legs a little as well.

You could also have a floral crown in your hair to match your bouquet, or instead of it. Now is definitely the time of year to play up a floral crown.


While most venues are available year-round, some really come into their own in spring. The warmer weather means that doors and terraces can be more open and accessible, without having to close up against the elements. You will have more options of different spaces for your ceremony and reception in spring, with all of the added outdoor offerings.

Garden Weddings

Garden weddings become one of our favourite venue options in spring. If you like the idea of saying your vows amongst lush colourful flowerbeds while the air is filled with a heady fragrance and the calling of songbirds, then this is your season.

Garden weddings offer the most magical backdrops for your wedding album as well, with touches like gazebos and flora-entwined archways, bridges, walkways and creeks, and after sunset, fairy lights in the trees.


While of course, you could use flowers and spring itself as the theme of your wedding day, this time of year brings all sorts of lovely inspiration for your big day. Consider some of the following themes, just ideal for spring:

  • Vintage high tea
  • Country wedding with baby animals and a horse-drawn cart
  • Alice in wonderland
  • Barefoot and boho

Activities and entertainment

Think of all of the things you could include in a spring wedding to entertain your guests or keep them amused while you are having photos taken.

Now the days are warmer, lawn games like croquet, bowls or oversized Jenga are a fantastic idea.

You could have a roaming folk band playing songs for people in the garden.

Create spring themed cocktails to be handed out on arrival.

Include mobile food vans or even hired entertainment such as a carousel or jumping castle.

Set up a relaxed chill out zone in the garden with couches and cushions, bunting and lace draping from the trees and glasses of fruit-infused water for guests.


Many venues offer a local and seasonal menu for your reception dining. This showcases local produce and organic fruit and vegetables and places less of a carbon footprint on your celebration.

In spring you can expect wonderful food such as

  • Spring lamb and grass-fed beef
  • Lush salads with spinach, beetroot, asparagus and avocados
  • The first of the summer berries and cherries
  • Divine citrus lemons and oranges, perfect for a dessert tart
  • Apple and rhubarb for pies or crumbles
Spring Wedding Cake Ideas
Cake and Photo credit: Laombre Creations

Whimsical touches

You can throw a little personal twist on your spring wedding with many little touches that celebrate this time of year.

We love umbrellas for guests, either parasols in a range of bright colours if it is warm, or clear plastic ones with cute designs if you are expecting a little spring rain.

Flowers and plants are great for favours at this time of year; you could give baby trees or packets of seeds with a sweet romantic message about making love grow.

Use spring blooms as your table centrepieces and then invite your guests to take some home; give them coloured buckets with a personalised tag so they can collect their own bunch.

You can also have a spring-inspired wedding cake covered in fresh seasonal flowers or fruit, or in stunning edible flowers that you won’t believe aren’t the real thing.

A candy buffet with lollies all the colours of the spring rainbow, or even decorate your own cupcakes or donuts, again using the gorgeous colours of spring.

A season of colour and warmth, new life and promises for the future, and of course, romance; we love a spring wedding! We are certain that this article has only started your ideas flowing, and can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

Main Photo by Brittrene Photography


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