7 Tips on Selling or Renting Your Wedding Dress

1. Make the decision to list your wedding dress.

A wedding dress has a range of feelings attached to them and this first step can be the hardest. Of course, it is expected that there will be some raw emotions. Most will be amazing. But also sometimes sadness or regret. We all know that sometimes life happens and things always don’t turn out.

Whatever the reason, you most likely will never wear the dress again. Let’s be honest here.

I know that maybe you have thoughts about ‘what if my daughter wants to wear it on her wedding day?’ This is highly unlikely for two reasons. Reason 1: Your daughter will want her own style of dress and your dress to her will be outdated and ‘boring.’ Reason 2: She wants to create her own unique memories. She doesn’t want her wedding photos sitting on the mantel next to your wedding photos and people comment on that you both are wearing the same dress. Again let’s be honest.

Or maybe you have thought, I would like to wear it again at our renewed vows ceremony. Just like in the comment above, by the time 10 years has passed you would most likely look at this dress and think I just want something simple and different.

But don’t forget you have the memories now in your marriage – through your husband, or on the other hand, it is time to clean out your life and start again.

2. Have your dress cleaned and boxed.

In most cases, you have probably already done this after your wedding. Awesome if you have. Your dress is now preserved and ready for whatever comes next.

If you are advertising the dress for hire or for sale, have it done to a standard you would be happy to receive yourself.

Of course, there would be nothing more devastating to a bride than for her wedding dress to arrive dirty, stained and smelly.

Maybe even ask the company for a discount for repeat service if you are looking at hiring your dress.

3. Decide whether you would like to sell, hire or list for both.

Of course, this is purely an individual decision. Some people can’t even imagine hiring out their dress to numerous people. Whereas some people would rather hire it out so that they receive more money back for the dress than they would if they sold it.

Websites like Only Dream Dresses have the option to hire or sell your dress. We are also flexible on if you would like to offer the option of posting or if you would like to just advertise for local buyers.

What price should I list it at? We recommend listing your dress for sale at 50% or less of the dress’ RRP or hire at 25% of the dress’ RRP.

4. Insuring your wedding dress.

If you are looking at hiring out your dress, consider looking at taking insurance out on your dress. Of course, just like with everything, 99% of people will do the right thing and look after your dress. It is the 1% that you need to have insurance for just incase of serious damage or theft.

5. Photos for your listing.

Clear. Quality over quantity. This is the message here.

Use photos where the dress is not hung and is worn in person so that the buyers/borrowers can see how the dress looks on. The best thing about selling your wedding dress is normally you have great professional photos of the dress itself. Winning!

I know you may not be keen on using them because you are featured, but people really look at the dress. Not the colour of your hair or that Uncle Frank in the background is giving someone the bird. Even though that would be funny. Use these if you have them. Include photos of any detail such as beading or lace. Have a front and back photo done.

6. Write your wedding dress’ description.

It might seem a bit self explanatory but I thought I had better list them. Include the designer. Materials that the dress is made out of. Sizing of the dress. Extra details that you think are important for the potential buyer or borrower to know. The condition. Postage or pickup details.

The sizing of the dress is important. The last thing anyone wants is a 6ft bride receiving a dress suitable for a 5 ft lady. Unless of course, she was wanting a cocktail length dress.

Don’t know your measurements? Ask Granny G if she can help you out with a tape measure or pop down to your local seamstress and ask them to take some measurements. The more accurate the better.

The description is key! Other than your photos this is what is going to sell your dress. Also to avoid that message from the buyer saying ‘you haven’t described the dress accurately in your listing and I want a refund.’

7. Communication.

As with all product and service industries – communication, communication, communication. Be prompt with communication between yourself and the buyers/borrowers. Don’t leave them hanging for a response. Seize the moment as they say and sell or hire that dress.

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