5 Reasons You Should Sell Your Wedding Dress

So you have had your big day and your wedding dress is cleaned and boxed and put in the cupboard. Maybe it has been there weeks, months or even years. Each time you open your wardrobe you see it and think about what an amazing day that was. But maybe it is time to declutter your life for a new baby, new house, new life as man and wife. Maybe it is your New Years resolution to do a spring clean. Or maybe you just need the money. Why not consider selling your wedding dress?

Here are our Five Reasons why you should sell your wedding dress.

1. Money

This is of course is the big one and the main reason that most people will consider selling their dress. Many brides spend thousands of dollars on their dress. Sure they look amazing on the day and create many wonderful memories, but a wedding dress is an expensive purchase.

Maybe you have gone on maternity leave and need that money? Your husband is nagging you to put it online? Maybe you don’t fit into it anymore. We all have clothes like that!

Well why not sell your dress?

If you list your dress online you could recoup up to 50% of the RRP of the dress. A website like ours, www.onlydreamdresses.com only charge you a small fee of $19.95 to upload you dress for sale and/or hire.

We even know of a bride that bought her designer gown for her wedding day and sold the dress before she got married. This bride was able to afford to buy a dress a bit more than she budgeted knowing that she had already sold it for half the price she paid. There was obviously an agreement with the buyer that she would receive it after the wedding, but this could be an option.

2. Space

Wedding dresses can take up a lot of space. Especially if you wore a dress with lots of volume. Yes, you can shrink them down a bit into a box or bag. But some dresses are huge and take up that valuable space in the wardrobe or cupboard that every woman needs.

3. You Want to Share the Love

Maybe you just want to share the love and feeling you had in your dress with someone else that may or may not be able to afford the dress that you wore. I think this is a lovely thing to do and at Only Dream Dresses we are all about sharing the dream with someone else.

4. Trends Change

As with every fashion item trends change. So in saying that it is best to sell your dress as soon after your wedding as possible. That way you have more chance of selling it quickly and for a good price. If your dress is still on a rack in a shop for full price there will be people out there that have tried it on and want to buy yours because it is that fraction cheaper.

5. Clear Out Those Memories

Unfortunately, not all marriages have a happy ending. Selling a wedding dress is sometimes a person’s way of cleaning out those memories that they would like to forget. This is okay too. Every dress owner and every dress has a different journey.

We know that selling your wedding dress is not for everyone. Just as wearing a preloved wedding dress doesn’t suit everyone either. We know that you may have sentimental value to the gown or you may just not be ready to let it go.

There is no rush with this process and when you are ready you know where we are www.onlydreamdresses.com.

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