Wedding Day Rain: When it Buckets Down on Your Big Day

When you are planning one of the most important days of your life the last thing on your mind might be wedding day rain. If you don’t think about it then you won’t jinx yourself. Then rain won’t happen, right?

We would love to say that the heavenly beings who watch over weddings would never dare to throw down some rain on such an important day. But unfortunately, it does happen sometimes. Even if you plan for the middle of summer to avoid wedding day rain, you aren’t guaranteed a fine clear day.

Okay, so it might rain. What do you do about that?

First of all, take a deep breath. It will all be all right

You probably didn’t want it to rain on this day of all days. But you can’t stop it if it is going to happen. There are many things you can control, but when you get to the day itself, the best thing you can do is to let go of the controls and just let things run their course.

Try to shrug off this setback. Let it roll off you, well, like water off a duck’s back. Try to enjoy the moment and cherish this time with your partner and your family and friends. Focus not on the one day but on the beginning of your life as a married couple.

Experience the joy in the little things that happen and just have fun, without striving for perfection. Every second of this day will race by and you don’t want to miss it because you are upset or worried about the rain.

Have a back-up plan

When you are planning your wedding, almost all venues will advise you that they have a back-up plan in case of bad weather. If you are hoping for an outdoor ceremony, drinks on the deck, or reception under the stars, any decent venue will have an arrangement for what to do if the weather doesn’t play nice on your special day.

If you are pulling together your own big day in a park or at home, it is highly recommended that you have a tentative plan for what to do in the incidence of rain. A place indoors can look just as stunning and can be made so romantic with flowers, fairylights, and candles that you won’t even mind that you aren’t outside.

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Raining On Your Wedding Day
Photo Credit: Sarah May Alexander

Tweak your Wedding attire

Floor-length white dresses aren’t really designed for wet weather. How much the rain on your wedding day affects your outfit will depend on when and how much it rains. If your ceremony and reception are both indoors, you might only need to be concerned about your little trips between cars and front doors.

Have some big, sturdy umbrellas handy to look after your dress, as well as a couple of people to help you pick up the hem and train when needed.

Have some covered shoes as well for the bits of the day when you are outside. Why not embrace the rain and buy yourself some cool decorated gumboots in readiness? Or buy some white ones and decorate them yourself!

Check out these ones from Evercreatures:

Or these beautiful striped ones from Lillybee:

Another option is to have a different pair of shoes to wear to your reception in case the first pair get wet earlier in the day.

If you have planned your wedding dress for a sunny day which didn’t eventuate, and have bare shoulders and arms to worry about, consider also having a covering for your shoulders or even your whole dress.

You should also do this for your bridesmaids and any flower girls as well. There are stunning wraps and capes available online to keep yourself rugged up.

Channel a Disney princess with something like this:

Looking after guests

Don’t just worry about your dress or shoes on your big day, have a thought for each of your guests as well, especially any that are older or impaired. Consider having umbrellas handy for guests to use, and in addition have umbrella stands at the entrance to your venues so guests don’t have to take them to their tables or stash them on the floor.

Have indoor or undercover options, including seating, for when your guests might need it. Have somewhere they can go in between the ceremony and reception, don’t just leave them to the elements.

Raining on Your Wedding Day
Photo credit: Amanda Nichols Photography


Talk to any wedding photographer and they will tell you that a wedding day with pure sunshine and blue sky doesn’t actually make for stunning photos. In fact, the best wedding photography moments are created when the weather has a bit of personality to it.

Purchase large umbrellas for the shots – photographers recommend block colours as these show up the best or all clear ones which allow in the best light.

Don’t think that your wedding photos will be ruined in the slightest by the rain. Instead, use this as an opportunity to have some truly unique and extraordinary shots. With a talented photographer, the night shots can be even more beautiful. Be willing and brave to get the shots your photographer suggests – you won’t regret it!

If you were planning photos outdoors but in the week before your wedding can see that rain might be looming, book somewhere indoors where you can take them instead. Look around for an uber-cute bar or café to set your shots in instead and contact them to book (don’t just turn up on the day as a last resort).

With a little bit of planning, you can handle anything on your wedding day, even rain. The important thing is to just have fun in the moment and roll with it. Whatever happens. Don’t worry about getting a bit wet or muddy – at the end of it all, a dirty dress just means that you’ve had a good day!

Main Photo by Christopher Connor from 26North Studios


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