Planning Your Summer Wedding

Summer and weddings just seem so perfectly matched, don’t they? The longer days mean your celebration can stretch out and you can take advantage of every moment. The warmer weather means that you can slow down and relax, take it easy and drink in the holiday vibe.

For weddings with your toes in the sand, sipping champagne with a glorious sunset in the background, or dancing in the balmy night under the stars, now is the time!

Here are some of our favourite tips and ideas for planning the perfect summer wedding


Most wedding venues are set up perfectly for summer weddings, and they will come into their own at this time of year.

Waterside and beachfront venues will always be popular, so make sure you book early for these. But you have many other options as well, including

  • City rooftop venues right in the heart of the hotel and nightclubs for continuing the fun
  • Rustic country venues in full bloom and with cute animal friends to star in unique wedding photos
  • Venues for boho weddings such as lush green gardens or mountain locations

Look for spaces that have an indoor and air-conditioned space in case you need it.

Summer Colours

While there really are no rules when it comes to your wedding palette, some combinations of colours are magical this time of year. Colour combinations we adore include:

• Nautical colours like bright blues, golden yellow and fresh white

• A rainbow of pale pastels

• Tropical colours like jade, orange, fuchsia, and watermelon

• Interesting uses of greens and blue like ice blue and pistachio

• Boho tones like poppy, gold, and sage

• Summer wildflower colours like bright reds, yellows, oranges and pinks

summer wedding flowers | planning a summer wedding
Photo and Florals by The Naked Florist


There are so many breathtakingly beautiful summer flowers that your options are very broad, but remember that any bouquet may wilt in the heat. Think about using smaller, hardier flowers rather than bigger blooms like lilies.

Flowers are definitely something to use as the focal point of your wedding day – sprinkle them everywhere! We still love the trend of floral crowns for young and old alike, and saying your vows in front of a lovely floral archway (especially if you add other bling like crystals or paper lanterns) look wonderful and summery.

Some great ideas for your bouquet include:

  • Big scents like lavender and gardenias
  • Bold colours such as roses, magnolias, and freesias
  • Hydrangeas in a range of colours
  • Natives in subtle hues such as kangaroo paw and eucalyptus


Whether you are DIY-ing your invitations or arranging for something exclusively made, you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to choosing invitations. The colours and motifs that appear on invitations for summer weddings are warm and bright, and can include all sorts of fun and meaningful symbols to share your great love story.

Some trends we love include:

  • Watercolour look invitations including pictures and font with a lush, soft brushstroke look
  • Nature-inspired motifs like flowers, plants, birds, butterflies and animals
  • Beachy or nautical motifs like shells and starfish, coloured beach boxes, boats and anchors, and much, much more
  • A rich and luxurious glam summer look using yellow or rose-gold leaf effects

Wedding Attire

Your wedding dress is all about being your best self. Choose a summer gown that shows off the bits you love the most and that allow you to glow and shine as a bride should. Remember style and comfort are both important on your wedding day, especially in summer.

Choose a dress that you can walk, dance, breathe and sit down in, and perhaps switch to a short dress for the reception, or even flats or things for your feet.

Look through our gallery of designer wedding gowns for ideas on how to look and feel like the queen that you are.

We love a mix of hues for the bridal party, with both guys and girls now being able to show off bold splashes of colour as they like. Go for patterns, whimsical touches or dress your party in a palette of colours that all compliment each other while letting each person be their best.

summer wedding cocktails | planning a summer wedding
Photo by From The Smiths Photography

Decorations, Entertainment and Activities

Add refreshing summer cocktails to your drinks list such as lush fruity mixes and crisp cold gin and tonics, plus espresso martinis which will quite literally never be enjoyable.

Look into summer food truck options, especially the fun vintage look ones you can hire to serve ice cream, alcoholic pops, prosecco on tap or even slushies just for the grown-ups. Or invite a van to serve sliders or pizza late at night when everyone’s munchies kick in!

Whether your wedding is indoors or out, decorate the space with garlands of flowers, bunting or paper lanterns. After dark, you will add a gorgeous magical touch with strings of fairy lights.

Decorate with bowls of fresh summer fruit, blooms and spices for a striking look as well as a heady fragrance.

Create a chill-out zone in a marquee or under a sprawling shady tree with brightly coloured rugs, squishy sofas and plump cushions.

Put on lawn games for everyone such as oversized Jenga or Connect 4, or bocce and quoits.

Planning Your Summer Wedding – Prepare for Anything

Remember that summer in Australia is always unpredictable. Hope for the best weather for your special day, but make sure that you have some solutions up your sleeve just in case of intense heat or drenching summer rain (or both!)

Arrange for seats, shade, water to sip or spritz, plus handheld fans or parasols for very hot days, and ensure that your ceremony or reception venues have a wet weather option up their sleeves in case it rains. We also love the idea of handing out super-cute straw fedoras and perhaps thongs for comfort a bit later on.

Whatever you decide, it is certain to be incredible! Good luck with your planning and have fun.

Main Image by Tatiana Rose Photography

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