5 Must-Have for a Stunning Modern Boho Wedding

There are few things quite as romantic as a modern boho wedding. Dreamy and relaxed, this kind of day is perfect for the bride-chilla, and can be a gorgeous way to add your own personality to a traditional day.

The freedom and magic of a boho day are lovely – there is just so much you can do!

If you are planning a modern boho wedding celebration, here are the 5 Must-Haves that need to be on your list (although there are no ‘musts’ in boho!)

These things will bring the essence of a free-spirited bohemian day to your wedding and are guaranteed to have your guests talking about the event for months and even years to come.

When we think boho, the mind easily goes to vintage styles and decorations, but a wedding doesn’t need to be old-fashioned to be bohemian. We love these modern twists on a whimsical boho day that bring that feeling of carefree abandon without being dated.

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The Dress

If there is one word that sums up boho it is free-spirited, so this is the feeling you should be looking for with your dress.

Move away from big or busy looks, stiff fabrics or structured designs, or things that you can’t breathe or sit down in.

Boho gowns come from many eras and many different styles, and will suit all kinds of brides and figures. Dresses with a Jane Austen feel to them can be gorgeous, as can those evoking the Great Gatsby era.

And, of course, the 1960s and 1970s set the trend for hippy boho fashion, so borrowing from these eras will assure you get the right feel.

Generally, think long and flowing, with a touch of modern bling in details such as fringing, beading or embroidery.

Your hair and make-up will be muted and fresh – think Meaghan Markle’s low-key look on her wedding day. You can go with a veil but may be even more boho in a beaded headpiece or a hat!

We also love having one gorgeous elegant gown to walk down the aisle in, and then a second more carefree ensemble for the reception, such as a mini-dress, jumpsuit or cute tea-length dress with pockets. You could also switch to flats, thongs or even sneakers for later on – whatever makes you comfortable and happy!

Flowers and Natural Elements

Flowers and other natural and organic elements should play a big part in a boho day.

You could start with a lovely hand-drawn or watercolour floral design for your invitations, and then use this as the base for your colour palette for the whole day.

Flowers can take pride of place in all of your décor, including perhaps an arch of blooms instead of an aisle, and garlands of entwined blooms and greenery down the tables instead of structured bouquets in vases.

We adore a natural or naked looking wedding cake that is sprinkled with fresh blooms, or perhaps fruit, grapes and ivy.

Think wildflowers instead of the more elegant blooms, as though you took a walk in a field on your way to the ceremony. We also love flowers in your hair, or a beautiful floral crown instead of a veil.

A modern boho wedding wouldn’t be complete without handmade and organic wedding favours, such as flower-infused cordial or herbed oil, handcrafted soaps or candles, or small seedlings to take home and plant in honour of your special day.

Boho wedding settings |5 must have for modern boho wedding
Photo by Sydney Marie Photography

The Organic Setting

Boho weddings lend themselves naturally to country, garden and winery settings. Often outdoors, a boho wedding could also be on the beach, on a mountainside or even in an uber-cute city bar rooftop.

Think about all the ways you can make your boho wedding celebration feel connected with the organic parts of the environment throughout the day.

You could consider a relaxed and welcoming chill-out zone, with throws and cushions spread around to encourage people to take off their shoes and sit on the ground.

Some tee-pees decorated with rugs, flowers and fairy lights would also be perfect, and you can fill these with plush sofas and ornate side tables for a modern spin.

You might like to add elements of a country fair to your day, like lawn games such as croquet and bowls.

Another wonderful idea is a floral-entwined swing in your wedding photos – even if the venue doesn’t have one you can make one reasonably easily and add it to a handy nearby tree.

boho wedding table styling | 5 must have boho wedding ideas

Touches of Colour and Culture

Not just the home of floral and natural elements, boho wedding days can also be fun-filled celebrations of colour and culture. You could, for example, include inspiration from Middle Eastern lands or the colours of India or Morocco, or indigenous cultures from across the globe.

Look for jewelled tones like lush emerald, ruby, sapphire and gold. Throw in feathered items like dreamcatchers and richly ornate lanterns everywhere. Decorate with patterned rugs, serve people drinks in chunky coloured glasses or bronze cups, and have ribbons and candles on every surface.

Be respectful in paying homage to any culture – this is about honouring and celebrating backgrounds rich in diversity.

The Feast

An elegant formal dinner has its place in many wedding day, but not the modern boho celebration!

The feast on your wedding day is all about freedom, abandon and community. Look for cuisines that lend a feel of a shared fiesta rather than a stuffy, sit-down affair. We love shared platters, big buffets and grazing tables, and cocktail events and lots and lots of finger food will fit in nicely as well.

Eating outdoors or under the stars at long tables would be perfect, evoking a warm summer wedding in the hills of Tuscany, or perhaps a raucous medieval feast.

We also love food trucks and drinks or ice-cream vans – anything that adds to the fun and playfulness of the day and the idea that anything can happen. One great idea we love is the new trend of floral-infused alcoholic ice-pops as a wonderful surprise for your guests on a hot day.

You want people to mix together, have a great time, fill their bellies and lick their fingers. A bohemian wedding day is a rich experience for all senses and something you will remember forever.

Main image: Flower Crown by Bumble and Bloom | Photo by Poppy & Sage Photography


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