Me and My Micro Wedding Dream

My partner and I are one of those couples that have done everything ‘backwards.’ Well, that is what some people would say. I know there are no ‘rules’ on how you should live your life, or how you should have your wedding, but still, in 2018, there are some lingering expectations.

We met, bought an investment property, got engaged, bought another house and had two kids. After 10 years of being together as a couple and 5 years since our engagement we are now discussing about getting married this year. About time!

Our wedding day is important to us. Don’t get me wrong. But we are not wanting the over the top, expensive, every family member on the family tree gathering. All we want is us. ‘Us’ meaning my partner and I and the two kids.

We have everything we need in our lives and all we want is a ceremony to seal the love that we have for one another. If my partner had his way we would be driving down to the city hall and signing the paperwork today with no ceremony, no dress and no fuss.

But I want a little bit more than that, so we decided that we would get married but at an intimate location that is only three kilometers from our house and have a discounted price for elopements from Monday-Thursday. This way I can spend the time I need getting the kids ready for the day, throw them in the backseat and we will be there in five minutes.

We won’t be having the bridal car that no one sees or paying $100 plus per guest and having that debt over our head as we start our lives as husband and wife. We will arrive, say our vows, take some photos and go on our honeymoon.

I have discussed this with my family and friends and, yes it has raised some eyebrows, but what I discovered is that more and more people are either in the same situation as us or have spent the house deposit on a wedding and now have some regrets.

According to, the average Australia wedding cost was $30,985, however with the increased price of housing and living expenses, I think the expectation of having the large, fluffy wedding is slowly decreasing.

People are more looking for that personal, simplistic but memorable day. In some cases this will be inviting only the people to the wedding that you have strong connections with or keeping it only to the inner family circle.

So lets not judge people about their choice of having their wedding in this fashion – instead raise your glasses to the micro weddings of the future!

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