Ideas to Bring Your Wedding Cost Under $5k

Did you know that the expected cost of an average Aussie wedding in 2018 is going to set you back a whooping $51k? I know there are not many couples that actually plan to spend that much from the beginning. But in the end it just does. It is those extra guests or the upgrades at the florist. Or maybe you just walked into a bridal store and just couldn’t leave without ‘that’ dress. Even though it was $3k more than you budgeted. I know. I get it. Somehow money goes no where and you end up spending a small house deposit before you know it.

Well it doesn’t need to be like this if you put a budget in place and stick to it. Like glue. Or you follow my penny pinching tips to save you a few bucks. So you can buy that more expensive dress……..jokes!

Rent or Buy a Second Hand Wedding Dress

Every bride dreams of wearing a beautiful dress on her wedding day. Maybe a Vera Wang? Or an Anna Campbell gown? Lets not kid ourselves here. Wedding dresses are expensive and can chew through that budget you have set.

The other thing is that trying wedding dresses play on your emotions. We have all seen those movies where the bride-to-be walks out of the fitting room in a sparkling, full skirt dress and her bridesmaids scream ‘Thats the one!!’.

Bridal attendants are sales people remember and they play on this emotion to sell you a dress that stretches your budget. So unless you buy a cheap overseas wedding dress from Ebay than what other option do you have?

Why not buy a preloved wedding dress? Remember wedding dresses generally are only worn for a few hours and most cases the bride looks after them like gold. They are also dry cleaned and stored carefully and then never worn again. Websites like us at Only Dream Dresses are a marketplace for people to buy preloved wedding dresses and most are 50% of the RRP. Your guests and your husband to be will never know the difference and you can resell the dress again after your wedding and cash in what you have spent!


Give Your Guests Succulents as Gifts

Succulents are such a trend at the moment. Why? Because you don’t need a green thumb to keep them alive. They are pretty. Everyone loves them and they are affordable. One of the best things though is that you can grow them from cuttings! So you don’t even need to buy them. Just cut them off a friend or families plant, stick him in a pot and off he grows.

Yes, this does involve time. Maybe this isn’t for everyone but if you are organised you could do this a few months out from your wedding and then plant them Kmart pots and you have your weddings gifts. The best thing is that you have done it on the cheap and people love the gift they have received!

Cocktail Food or High Tea

Why not consider having either a mid-morning high tea? Or a cocktail party instead of a sit down meal. It will save you bucket loads. On average a three-course meal is $100 per head whereas a cocktail party or high tea you would cut this cost in half.

Not only do I love the idea of this because it saves you money but because it is a bit more social and casual. You can mingle with your guests instead of being stuck on a bridal table for most of the night.

Another option is to serve your wedding cake as dessert. Ask your venue just to serve your cake with a bit of cream and you have your dessert!

Choose Your Wedding Date Wisely

Wednesday. Friday. Sunday. Does it really matter what day of the week you get married? But what if it saved you half your venue fee by booking for wedding mid-week. If your venue doesn’t have it advertised – ask them.

I know that the traditional wedding day is Sunday but why? I know that you are thinking ‘but my guests work during the week.’ Isn’t this your wedding? So they choose working over your wedding than I feel they shouldn’t be invited in the first place. Trust me they will make the effort for whatever date you choose.

Save on Wedding Rings

I know this next point might not be for everyone, but it worth mentioning. Some husbands don’t want a wedding ring, or won’t wear one. I know the wedding ceremony is an exchange of vows and rings, but why waste money on something that is going to sit in the top drawer, not being worn.

I know my partner wouldn’t wear a ring. And that doesn’t bother me. My Dad doesn’t wear a ring and Mum and Dad have celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. Does it matter if they wear a ring?


Location, Location, Location

This idea I stole from one of my best friends. She was looking for a wedding venue in her local town in Tasmania. She couldn’t really find anything she liked until one day she drove past this beautiful garden. She stopped and asked the owners if they had weddings in their garden. The couple were avid gardeners and were stoked that someone would want to get married in their garden.

She had her wedding ceremony, and it was beautiful. The owners didn’t want anything in return, but the bride did buy them a $100 gift voucher as gratitude.

There are so many locations like this one, even in your local neighbourhood. Maybe not all owners will be happy to share their property with you, but what’s the harm in asking? It could save you thousands………

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