How It Works

Welcome to Only Dream Dresses!

We are Australia’s marketplace for selling or lending & buying and borrowing pre-loved and new wedding dresses. We have dress listings of all styles and prices.

Selling or Renting Your Dress

Do you have a dress that you want to sell? Great! We have brides-to-be who are looking for a stunning dress for their wedding day! To get started, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Click on Sell / Lend Now

Step 2. Choose a listing option that best suits your selling preferences and click ‘Start Selling’

Step 3. If you haven’t yet already registered an account with us, click on ‘Register here’ and complete your registration

Step 4. Once you’ve logged in to your account, on the left side panel of your dashboard, click on ‘Sell / Lend My Dress’

Step 5. Click on which option you wish to purchase to sell your dress by clicking ‘Start Selling’

Step 6. Complete the payment process at Checkout. This credit will now be added to your account.

Step 7. Once back in your Dashboard, click back on ‘Sell / Lend My Dress’. Upload your dress details, price and photos. Please make sure your photos are clear. Use your professional photos from your wedding if necessary (better quality photos will showcase your dress better to potential buyers). Submit your dress listing.

Step 8. We will then be notified that you have submitted a dress listing for review. We will then review your listing and then approve the listing so that it will display on the front end of our website.

A few important points when selling your dress!

The reason why we review your listing first for approval before it displays on the website front end is so that we can make sure the listing does not have any inappropriate photos or information on it before making it public for other viewers to see.

Try and include as much detail as possible about your dress that the bride-to-be would want to know and that would entice her to be interested in buying your dress. Include detail such as whether the dress has ever been worn or not, any alterations made, the fabric and other materials used to make the dress, where you purchased the dress from, any marks or other imperfections on the dress, what you loved about the dress and why you bought it in the first place, and the details of the dry-cleaning (if it has already been dry cleaned).

If you have not already had your dress dry-cleaned, our dry-cleaner of choice is ‘My Dress Box’ located in Melbourne. They clean and repair nothing but wedding dresses. They will ship you an empty pre-paid return dress box to whether you live in Australia, you then send your dress back to them. They will then clean it using a non-toxic, wet cleaning method, fix any minor damages to the dress such as fabric tears, and then either ship the dress back to you in the dress box. Otherwise, if you already have a buyer for the dress, My Dress Box can follow your instructions to directly ship the dress to the new buyer once they’ve cleaned it.

Once you have listed your dress for sale or rent on Only Dream Dresses, have a look around your Dashboard where you can edit your personal details, your dress listing details and photos at any time, as well as check your sales and booking reports.

Once your dress is listed on our website, potential buyers will contact you through our built-in website chat service that is located as a pop-up on the bottom right of the webpage. It’s called ‘Chat with Dress Owner’. Thus you don’t need to show your email address or mobile number on your listing. When they send you a message, you will receive this to your registered email address, so keep a regular check on your emails for any new enquiries. You are welcome to then manage that enquiry however you wish, whether you wish to request their mobile number to further discuss your dress listing, or arrange a fitting.

With regards to a buyer purchasing your dress, you both have the option of the buyer purchasing your dress through our website. There is a ‘Buy me’ button on your dress listing where they can pay you for your dress electronically via PayPal. Other payment options that you agree to are also allowed such as if you want them to pay you in cash, or bank transfer. However, only PayPal payment method will provide both the buyer and the seller payment protection where as other payment methods will not, so please keep that in mind. We recommend that you wait until you have received the cleared funds before handing over the dress to the new buyer.

Buying or Borrowing a Dress

Are you a bride-to-be looking for a stunning wedding dress to buy, but for a fraction of the retail price so that you can enjoy that money saved for other important things? Look no further, we have a big range of amazing dresses available for either sale or rent. To purchase or rent a dress, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Register your account by clicking ‘Sign Up’

Step 2. Browse through our Shop page

Step 3. Once you have found a dress that you would love to know further about, click on the chat box at the bottom right of the web page called ‘Chat with Dress Owner’ and send them your enquiry. They will then get back to you about your enquiry and it’s up to you how you wish to further proceed with the enquiry. If you wish to give the owner your mobile number so they can call or SMS you, you are welcome to.

Step 4. Once you have found a dress that you would love to buy, that’s great! Let the owner know and discuss which payment options are available and pick one you prefer. Our website does offer a PayPal payment method where you can buy the dress online and the money will go electronically to the dress owner. This will provide both yourself and the buyer protection. Other payment methods are available such as cash payment or bank transfer if the dress owner agrees to it, however keep in mind that neither of these options offer payment protection.

Step 5. Work out whether you will pick up your dress off the owner in person or have them post it to you. If posted, you will need to discuss with them what the postage fee will be if they will charge you one.

A few important points when buying a dress!

Ask the dress owner about whether or not the dress has been dry-cleaned. If it hasn’t, let them know that our dry-cleaner of choice is ‘My Dress Box’ located in Melbourne where they will ship pre-paid return dress box to the dress owner, clean up and repair the dress (if needed), and then they can directly send the cleaned dress to you, the new dress owner once they’ve completed the job.

We recommend that you pay with PayPal so that you have buyer’s protection for your dress purchase.

If you have any further questions, check out our FAQ’s page to see if your question is listed there. If it isn’t, please complete the Contact Us form, or email us at