Honeymoon Essentials: What to take for a Stress-free, Fun and Romantic Honeymoon

When you are planning your wedding you probably have checklists for your checklists covering all of the details of the big day. But what about your honeymoon essentials? Have you put much thought into that?

Planning the essentials for your honeymoon can be a bit more relaxing and fun than planning things for your wedding day – there might not be so pressure riding on getting everything just right.

You will find once the wedding is over that you are tired and also may feel sort of flat, as you come down from all the madness and the emotional high of the wedding itself. Make sure that you treat yourself to a lovely honeymoon to recoup and regroup after the wedding and to completely chill out after all that stress.

You should be able to relax and have a stress-free, fun and romantic honeymoon. We have compiled our honeymoon essentials to help make that dream come true.


Stress-free Honeymoon Essentials

If you are flying, pack a carry-on with the practical necessities in case your luggage goes missing. Pack toothbrush, make-up basics, comb, deodorant, bathers, and a change of underwear. If your luggage takes a couple of days to arrive you can still relax by the pool while waiting for it.

Pack a little first aid kit to take care of any embarrassing problems you might want to quash on your honeymoon, including something for a headache, birth control, feminine hygiene, antihistamines, UTC, gastro, travel sickness and even perhaps a tube of lubricant (oops – did I say that!!). Also, remember sunscreen and include a razor to keep you smooth and hair-free if needed.

Include a wallet or travel folder with everything you need including passports, driver’s license, credit card, copies of itinerary and reservations, spare cash in the currency of your destination, and anything else you can think of.

Include your chargers for everything you need, and make sure that you take something that can take pictures – you will definitely want to have photos to remember this incredible time.

Layers for if you are out after dark – often the urge for a romantic stroll by moonlight will come upon you, so make sure you pack a light wrap or jacket to throw around your shoulders for the nights when you want to linger longer.

Fun Honeymoon Essentials

Put in a few things to do while your other half is napping, such as a book or magazine, wedding thank-you cards or a sketchbook.

Include a small satchel or backpack with a built-in cooler section. You will likely go on day trips or want to lie by the beach for long periods – bring a couple of drinks along if you need.

Include little gifts or treats for your partner that you can hide around the room or bring out whenever you like. These don’t have to be expensive, think of things like cute post-it notes or little love-letters, their favourite chocolate bar, cute presents like toy rings or wind-up lips, just to keep things surprising and let them know that you are constantly thinking of them.

A must-have we love is cheesy honeymoon outfits such as a slogan t-shirt for each of you, or matching pyjamas or slippers if you are more easily embarrassed and would rather keep this to the bedroom. This is the only time in your life you can get away with the cheesiness of being a honeymooner, you should have a t-shirt or other clothing for each of you to commemorate this moment.

Buy a gorgeous travel journal that the two of you can make entries in together. In years to come, you will be so thankful that you did this now because you might do less and fewer things together once the kids have joined the family. Making entries separately and together into your special honeymoon travel journal is a guaranteed way to bring back the romance throughout your married life.


Romantic Honeymoon Essentials

A special new sexy dress to wear for your first dinner out on your honeymoon, plus some extra special new lingerie underneath for later…

A hand lotion and bath gel of the perfume you wore on your wedding day, to keep the romantic memories and feelings of that incredible day lingering as long as possible. And hotels never have enough body wash for all the bubble baths you want to take, so it pays to have extra.

Some necessities for a romantic mood, such as scented candles and scented massage oil, perhaps a box of your favourite chocolates to feed each other.

Your iPod with all of your favourite tunes on it (remember to include the ones from your wedding, plus some surprises for your partner such as from his teenage years, or when you were first dating).

And try not to overthink any of this – wherever you go there will be shops and hotel staff ready to bring you anything you may have forgotten. The only things you really need to take are your partner and your ability to chill out – everything else will flow naturally from there.

No matter where you go or what you do just being in this moment with this one person is all that matters.


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