6 Fun Things to do on your Hen’s Night

Like many things about weddings, Hen’s Nights are getting a modern makeover.

The old school or traditional Hen’s Night ideas that may first pop into your head can make some people cringe. A lot of the raunchy, slightly dodgy behaviour that goes on may not have a place in the evening fun of every contemporary enlightened bride.

If you were tempted to skip this night because the traditional dressed-up bride in plastic crown and sash stumbling drunkenly between x-rated male review shows doesn’t really sound like you – we have some good news.

Hen’s nights are no longer daggy or gauche, they are modern, fun and super cool.

Getting married is an excuse to gather your girls together for a catch-up, that, let’s face it, you rarely get time for anymore. These women are incredibly important in your life, as well as enormous fun to be around, so you should definitely have a Hen’s do to see them.

If you are up for an old school x-rated Hen’s Night, that’s fantastic too – modern women enjoy their nights out any way they like without shame or guilt.

We are just saying that you shouldn’t skip your Hen’s Night just because the traditional concept of them doesn’t appeal to you. You can make your night whatever you want it to be.

Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful things a person can do, so you deserve a relaxing night out more than ever right now. These ideas are a bit more relaxing, pampering and luxurious – treating the bride and her girlfriends like the queens that they are.

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Here are 6 Fun Things for a Modern Bride to do for Hen’s Night Fun

Day Spa Day

The idea of a luxurious day spa experience is tempting to most women, and the good news is that you don’t have to spend heaps to get the full feeling of this kind of day.

At the top end of the scale, you can book an overnight package at a five-star city hotel, which includes trips to the day spa for facials, massage, pedicures and more, as well as a stay in the hotel and breakfast the next day.

But you can also choose an afternoon package in a smaller boutique day spa setting. These will allow you to book for a few close friends and often participants can choose how much they want to spend on the day. These will often provide catering packages as well with sushi, champagne and fruit platters.

Brides on a budget can create their own day spa experience at home by hiring in a pamper party to attend to the lucky ladies in the comfort of their own lounge room.

Weekend Away

There are few girls who don’t look forward to a weekend away with their besties – and we all know that we don’t do this sort of thing often enough.

A Hen’s Night is the perfect reason for a girls’ weekend away and tons of food, fun and quality wine can follow.

With the success of websites like Airbnb you can easily find the ideal place for your friends to stay, whether you are heading into the city, up into the mountains or to a cool beachside town.


Glamping is the best of all worlds. It takes you away from the madness and hustle bustle of life, taking you and your friends back to a simple time. But it doesn’t expect grown-ups to give up all modern conveniences such as beds, toilets, and showers.

If you love the idea of catching up with your girlfriends around a glowing campfire under a multitude of stars, then you must check out the many glamping companies across Australia. Look out also for gorgeous revamped caravans as well for an extra fun take on a girls’ sleepover from your childhood.

A Night at the Movies

Why not book a whole cinema experience to really pamper your girls? Most large chain cinemas, as well as a lot of the classy boutique ones, allow you the option of hiring the space for your whole party.

Channel the rich and famous by hosting the entire cinema, with a movie of your choice, lots of lovely nibbles, drinks and of course bucketloads of popcorn. You could even go all out and make the event fancy dress!

Get Creative

The number of art classes and fashion design experiences that are popping up everywhere mean that you can do almost anything for some original Hen’s Day fun.

You can gather your friends and book an evening paint and wine session, where you all get to take home a masterpiece you create (including some nude drawing options if you like). You can also book sessions that will let you design your own shoes, purse, perfume or jewellery, or even create flower crowns to truly get in touch with your inner goddess.

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Gourmet Food Delight

In the past, food may have not been everybody’s first priority when planning a Hen’s Party, and instead may have just become something to stop attendees from getting too soused.

Food takes deserved centre stage in many fun days out that you can tap into for your hen’s day, including chocolate making, cooking classes, high tea, degustation events and more. You can again spend lots or little on this sort of day, with great specials easily found on websites like Groupon.

If you had a classy and luxurious Hen’s Night idea you’d like to share, comment and let us know.

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