Ten Ways to an Awesome Food Truck Wedding

There are always new trends when it comes to weddings; some are awesome and others not so much. One that I really hope is here to stay is the food truck wedding.

This chic culinary experience has transformed stuffy formal receptions into laidback bohemian fiestas, and with a little imagination, you can probably find the ideal spot for a food truck in your perfect celebration too. Even contemporary or sophisticated themed weddings can include a sleek sexy food van, such as for pre-dinner drinks or a late night gelati.

Now I am not necessarily saying that your entire wedding has to be one long food truck carnival, with every course served from a different mobile food van. But if you wanted to go that way, you certainly could. The sheer range and incredible quality of food available in truck form will blow your mind and can fulfil every one of your guests’ needs.

Don’t conjure up images of the kebab van next to your favourite nightclub, or the hot jam donut van at the annual Easter show, because food trucks have come a very long way since these days. They are simply stunning; gorgeous replicas or refurbishments of vintage trucks and caravans, they not only serve wonderful food and drink, they will make amazing backdrops for your wedding album.

Here are Ten Awesome Ways you can add a touch of Food Truck to your Wedding


Mobile bars and drinks vendors are available in every state in Australia, with an entire range of drinks to choose from. You can get sweet little vans which dispense prosecco or beer from taps on the side for guests to self-serve, or full caravans completely reborn as full-service bars with staff.

There are even VW Combis which have come back to life as mobile kegs. Some smaller ones can be booked to serve just a couple of cocktail options, for example, espresso martinis, or those that offer everything a full-service bar would.


If you are looking for some nibbles and finger food to please your guests while you are having your photos taken, there are so many options here too. From fine street food to freshly shucked oysters, and everything in between, if you can dream it up, there is a food truck or cart that will serve it directly to you.

During the afternoon

Perfect for a wedding on the beach or in a park, hire a food truck to provide afternoon tea to your guests to entertain them through the afternoon. You could even hire one with a full high tea service, including vintage bone china and cupcake tiers.

Pair this with lawn games like bocce and croquet for a relaxed vibe to a very special afternoon’s fun.

When it’s hot

For the hot days, there are so many selections for your food truck wedding, just perfect to cool everyone down. From alcoholic popsicles and slushies to homemade ice cream and proper Italian gelati, when the Aussie summer sun hits its peak, you will have all of your guests looked after.

Photo by: Bnlove Studios 

When you need caffeine

Even the traditional coffee cart has had a sprucing up, and there are some beautiful little vintage carts that you can hire to serve coffee and hot chocolate to your guests when the cool night air has set in. You could even get one to sell espresso martinis as well and cover all your bases at once!

Or another awesome idea is to get a coffee cart to come to your home for pre-wedding preparation time; so many bridesmaids will love that you’ve arranged fresh hot coffee to ease the pain of this early start.

For the little ones

If you have children to entertain at your wedding, then consider a bright and vibrant food truck to give them a surprise treat! You could choose fancied up donuts or cupcakes, get an old school Mr Whippy to come by (especially with the music!) or even mini pizzas. Some specifically cater to children’s parties and will bring tiny furniture for you as well.

Photo and van supplied by: Pizza Wagon

For main

Why not cater your whole main wedding meal with a next level travelling restaurant? Incredible chefs are throwing off the shackles of fixed venues and embracing the life on the open road, so there is no need to have substandard wedding fare wherever you are.

Bring in spit-roast, Greek, Indian, Thai, Pizza or modern Australian, or a fusion of all of them (maybe not all of them). You don’t need to supply a kitchen and the clean-up is all sorted.

Photo and van supplied by: Vintage Scoops 

For dessert

When your guests need something sweet, call a food truck to roll up at your wedding; sweets is one of the things that food trucks do best. Do you want donuts, crème Brule, waffles, pancakes, more ice cream, cupcakes, or ice-cream served in donut cones? Just click your fingers because you can get all of this and more.

For late night munchies

When it’s getting later in the night and your guests may have had one too many, this is the ideal time to bring in some food truck help. How many weddings have you been to where you got super hungry halfway through the night?

Bring in burgers or sliders, tacos, wood-fired pizzas, hot dogs or gourmet sausages, or even the good old toasted jaffle! Your guests will never appreciate a food truck quite so much as they will at this moment, and this awesome gesture will have them talking about your big day for months to come.

For the morning after

Wedding brunches the next day are becoming an increasingly popular way to catch up after the big night and debrief or see people you didn’t get around to the night before. Why not host brunch at home or in a lovely park nearby, and hire a coffee cart, pancake van, breakfast burgers, toasted sandwiches and more? There is no reason why the party has to end after all!

Wow, if this blog hasn’t made you hungry (or thirsty!) then I don’t know what would. I might just go and price a prosecco van to come by my house on the weekend….just because.

Main photo credits:
Photo taken by Jaq Shumate
Food Truck supplied by Jemil’s Big Easy 
Wedding Planner/Decor by LucaLu  

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