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How to Sell Your Dress on Only Dream Dresses

What dresses can I sell?

At Only Dream Dresses you can list any dress suitable for a wedding for sale.

What price can I sell my dress for?

To sell your dress within a reasonable amount of time, we recommend listing your dress for 50% RRP or less unless it is new with tags and then you may achieve a higher sale price.
You may also be competing with other dresses that are the same as yours, so we recommend keeping your price competitive.

What fees do I pay to sell my dress?

We only charge a one off flat fee of $19.95 to list a dress. We also offer a gold listing fee of $34.95 to list the dress with the extra bonuses of promotion on our home page and through our Facebook page.

Do I need to dry clean my dress?

Buyers will expect that all dresses are drycleaned and boxed. We would recommend having this done prior to listing the dress so that there is no wait if the dress is sold or if someone wants to try it on.

Do I have to allow for a purchaser to try on my dress?

At the end of the day the dress is yours and if you would prefer for someone not to try it on then advise the interested buyer.
However not giving potential buyers the option to try on the dress may limit your market and result in a longer listing time.

What if the buyer is local and doesn’t want the dress posted?

That’s good news for you, however you need to be aware that PayPal doesn’t provide any protection for sellers or buyers if the item is not posted with a tracking number.

What if I am going away while my dress is being listed?

That’s no problem at all. You can manage your listing through your log in. We would recommend that you put your listing on hold or place a note on your listing to advise that you will be away for this period.

Can I insure my dress for damage or loss?

We would recommend that you insure your dress for damage or loss as accidents do happen. Companies that offer policies to cover your dress are.

Is there a bond paid by the borrowers?

Yes we charge a bond at the time that the lender chooses your dress.  A bond of 15% of the RRP will be charged and held by Only Dream Dresses until the dress is returned in good condition.

How does a claim get made against the bond?

Once the dress has been returned by the lender, you must have the dress dry-cleaned within 3 business days and communicate with the lender about if there is any damage or stains to the dress.
If Only Dream Dresses has not received communication from you within 5 business days of the dress being received by you, we will refund the bond back to the lender.
If you wish Only Dream Dresses to hold the bond whilst yourself and the lender discuss and negotiate the condition of the dress, you need to communicate to us through the messaging system that you would like the bond held.
After all attempts have been made, the dress owner can contact Only Dream Dresses to mediate the situation. Evidence of any communication, photos of the damage, original receipts, receipts for repair/replacement on a company letterhead that is undertaking the repairs.

What is PayPal’s Sellers Protection and How Can I Be Covered?

With all Only Dream Dresses transactions PayPal’s Sellers Protection will cover you. This is in case your buyer lodges a claim against the purchase made from you for either an unauthorised transaction or item not received. As long as you meet the eligibility requirements, a claim can be made to recover the costs of transaction.
Please note that items purchased must be posted and the buyer must be supplied with a postage tracking number to be covered. If a local buyer would like to try a dress on, we recommend that after the try on has happened you direct them back to our website for payment and arrange for the dress to be posted.
Also it is important that the dress is described accurately as Paypal’s Seller Protection will not cover a claim where the item is significantly different to what has been advertised.
For full details of Paypal’s Seller Protection and eligibility please visit:

I want to list multiple dresses. Do I receive a discount?

If you have more than one dress to list we will provide you a $5 discount on listing fees per dress.

How to Rent Your Dress on Only Dream Dresses

What dresses can I rent?

There are no restrictions on what dresses can be rented however we only recommend listing dresses for hire that have a RRP of $2500 or more as the cost of cleaning and potential postage charges may not make the hiring process cost effective.

What price can I hire my dress for?

We would recommend listing your dress at 25% the RRP to achieve the maximum amount of hires.

What fees do I pay to list my dress for hire?

The one off listing fee charge of $19.95 plus a 7% commission fee will be charged per hire.

Who is responsible for the dry-cleaning of the dress?

The dress owner is responsible for the dry-cleaning of the dress and the cost will be included in the hire cost. This gives you the control to select a drycleaner of your choice.
We would also recommend that the dress is boxed for ease of posting and also so that the borrower has been supplied with a box to return the dress in.

Who is responsible for the shipping costs of the dress?

If the dress is sold and the purchaser requires the dress to be posted, the postage costs will be negotiable between both parties.
If the dress is hired, the dress owner is responsible for any shipping costs as well as an inclusive return postage bag for the lender to return the dress. This cost will be included in the hire cost. This allows you to control what postage options you would like to use.
You could look at companies such as Australia Post, Pack and Send and Sendle to send your dress.

Do I have to allow for a borrower to try on my dress?

At the end of the day the dress is yours and if you would prefer for someone not to try it on than just advise the interest borrower.
However not giving potential borrower the option to try on the dress may limit your market and result in a longer listing time.

What if the borrower is local and doesn’t want the dress posted?

That’s good news for you, however you need to be aware that PayPal doesn’t provide any protection for sellers or buyers if the item is not posted with a tracking number.

Can the lender make alterations to the dress?

The borrower must contact you regarding any alterations that are required for the dress and seek your approval before proceeding.
There are reversible alterations that can be made on a dress to make it a better fit, so we recommend considering allowing these for your borrower.


What if the buyer or borrower wants to cancel their purchase?

Once the transaction has been processed, the buyer or borrower would need to contact you directly to discuss this option. It is at your discretion if you would like to cancel the purchase or hire and if you would like to charge a cancellation fee. If it is a dress hire, Only Dream Dresses will still charge the 7% commission of the rental fee regardless of the cancellation so we recommend charging a minimum cancellation fee of this amount. If the dress has been bought and the listing has been removed, you will need to pay another listing fee to Only Dream Dresses, so we would recommend that you charge a minimum cancellation fee of at least the listing fee cost.
We would also recommend that you add in the description of your listing the terms of any cancellations for your item so that the borrowers or buyers are aware when they pay for the item.

What if I want to cancel the sale or hire of the dress?

We understand that circumstances happen or you may have a change of heart, however, a commitment has been made to the borrower/buyer of the dress. We recommend contacting the borrower/buyer as soon as you are aware of this decision and arrange to refund the money that has been paid in full. If this doesn’t occur we may place penalties on your account and listings. Please see our Rental and Purchase Agreement for further details.

How to Manage My Listing Account?

How do I start my listing?

You will need to register your details to start a log in. Through your log in you will be able to list your dress, choose your price, add photos and write your description.
Some personal details such as your postal address, phone number and bank account details will need to be included so that when you receive a purchase it can be paid to you.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept payments for your listing via Paypal and either a debit or credit card can be used.
Non-account holders of PayPal can still pay via PayPal’s guest service.

What photos should I use for my listing?

The photos should be clear and photos should be selected that show the detail of the dress. Professional photos from your wedding can be used and we recommend not using images by the dress designer due to copyright laws.
We recommend photos where the dress is being worn rather than a photo of a hung dress, so that the buyer/borrower can see the style of the dress and how it would look being worn.
The first photo that you upload will be the display image.

What details should I include in my listing’s description?

Details such as the dress’ RRP, designer, where it was bought from, the age and description including the fabric, style and detailing of the dress such as lace bodice, beading etc.
Sizing and sizing measurements should be provided. If you are unsure about the exact measurements of the dress, we would recommend having some measurements done by a seamstress so that any potential buyers or borrowers can compare themselves against your dress measurements accurately.

What is the difference between Silver and Gold listings?

The silver listing is just our standard listing which will include your dress being listed on our website and Facebook page.
If you would like to promote your dress further you can opt to pay for the Gold listing which will see your dress show on the home page gallery of our website and we will promote your dress through our Facebook page.

Can I edit my listing?

Through your log in you are able to edit your listing, change the dress price and hold the listing if you are on holidays.

How will potential buyers or borrowers contact me?

We have a message system, which will allow dress owners and potential buyers and borrowers to contact each other. The communication between each party will be saved so that it can be reviewed and used if there is a dispute.

How do I receive payment?

We recommend using Paypal to accept payments. If you know that a buyer has paid for the dress, please wait for the funds to clear in your account prior to releasing the dress to the buyer.
Paypal does charge a transaction fee of between 2.6% and 2.9% for domestic transfers.

How do I remove a listing?

If your question has not been answered above, you are welcome to contact us.