Extravagant Wedding Themes

Who said that when planning your wedding that you need to stick with traditions? The wedding dress must be white. You must walk down an aisle in a church. You must have x amount of bridesmaids. We live in 2018 and lucky enough, that other than the legal paperwork that must be completed, you can get married anyway you want.

I thought that it would be fun to write about some themes for your wedding.  Some of them maybe too outlandish for you……..and that is fine. Or maybe you have always wanted something a little bit different, something for people to remember and something that reflects you as a couple.

Cake created and Photo by: Denise McGrath Wedding Cakes

1. Harry Potters Theme

I know that the Harry Potter movies are now a few years old, but I think that they are movies that captivated our generation’s imagination and there are really no other movies that compare. Do you agree?

The theming for a Harry Potter wedding can also be as over the top or as simple as you like, which is the best thing about this theme. Of course, you could hire a castle and have the long timber tables set with candlesticks to resemble Hogwarts………and that would be really cool.

Or you could have some long timber tables laid out in a garden setting. Fairylights strung through some trees above the tables. Use Gryffindor red napkins, chocolate frogs and tall candlesticks to style your table.

Each guest could receive a golden snitch as their gift. These are easy to make……..Just a gold ferrero rocher and add some paper wings.

Have your favourite potion made into a signature cocktail for your wedding? Or have your bridesmaids photographed with their favourite Harry Potter book.

So many options with this theme…….”It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

2. Colour Themed Wedding

This theme is not an extravagant as some of the other themes we have listed in this blog. I think it is a great option for those that would like to add a simple but unique touch.

Most couples do select some sort of colour palette for their wedding styling. This includes your invitations, table settings, flowers etc. But I think what is a great idea is to extend the colour scheme to your guests or change your own.

What do I mean by that? Well, imagine if you asked all your guests to wear black only and you and your husband to be wearing white? Some people may think they are attending a funeral, but why does black need to represent such a morbid colour? This is your day and if you want to stand out in a cost-effective way, then this is one way to do it.

Or why not spin everything on its head and instead of wearing a white wedding dress you wear a red dress and your bridesmaids wear white? I have seen some amazing red wedding dresses. You could even pick one up for $1000’s cheapest because it is not white or ivory.

Photo by: Pinterest

3. Alice in Wonderland Theme

Yes, I am talking about a Mad Hatter party……….. Oh, imagine having a mid-morning garden reception. High tea but with a Mad Hatter twist!

Have a dessert buffet styled with the Wonderland themed signs like ‘Eat Me’ and ‘Drink This’. Instead of a tiered wedding cake, you could opt for a themed cupcake tower

Include in your staging of the garden area large clocks, toadstools and large cards. Even have different hats for your guests to wear while they are eating their meal.

You could even wear some long striped knee-high under your dress like Alice wore and your husband to wear a tall top hat. The photos would be amazing!

4. Star Wars Theme

Can’t say I am the biggest Star Wars geek of all time, but my partner on the other loves these movies! So in our case, he would be planning the theme for this wedding.

Some ideas for this theme would be to buy Darth Vader and Storm Trooper masks and wear them in some of your wedding photos. Or what would be also great……if you could find someone to do it, that is. Ask your celebrant or your priest to wear one during the vows. Not sure if a priest would be all for that, but I know that you could source a celebrant that would be happy to provide that service.

There are small touches that you could include to set the theme. Such as giving the kids some lightsabers to play with or your husband could wear some Star Wars cufflinks. Maybe have your menus with the ‘May the Force Be With You’ mentioned through the wording.

5. Halloween Theme

Now I know that Halloween is not an Aussie thing, but it is slowly creeping into our October schedule each year. And October is a perfect month to get married. So why not have a Halloween theme?

You don’t have to make it a gorefest, this is still your wedding day. But implementing a few quirky touches or selecting a darker colour scheme would add a bit more fun to your special day. Have a black and red theme for your wedding. Hang some lanterns or pumpkins in your reception area is a bit of fun.

If you don’t want the theme staged throughout your whole reception area- dedicate one area just for some memorable photos. Til Death Do Us Part!

Photo by: Baldwin Bridal and Events 

6. Pirates of the Caribbean

Now, this theme didn’t come to mind straight away as an obvious theme. But the more I thought about, why not? I mean really anything can be created into a theme if you want to.

The couple in the attached photo definitely took it in their stride to get into character for their wedding. And kudos to them for taking the plunge and being a bit different. How great are their photos though! It would be a talking point everytime someone walked into your house and saw this hanging on the wall. In a good way.

I think if you were going to have your reception on a boat this would be a theme that you would have to consider. The ceremony could be all formal and tradition and then your reception could be a fancy dress themed party around the Pirates of the Carribean.

A smile has been on my face the whole time I have been writing this blog. Thinking about all the cool and interesting ways you could incorporate a theme into your special day. Maybe it had inspired you have taken the plug and be a bit different? It doesn’t make your marriage less sentimental or hold less importance than the next person that has a traditional style wedding. A wedding is a celebration of the love you have as a couple. If celebrating this with you and your guests dress as pirates or Mad Hatters, so what!

Main photo by Jenni Grace Photography 

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