The Perfect Etsy Valentine’s Gifts that Show You Care

If you are a romantic at heart you might be excited that Valentine’s is just around the corner.

For me, you will make my Valentine’s Day with a large packet of peanut M&Ms, a cup of tea as big as my head and a subscription to Netflix. If you are looking for something a little more exotic and creative for your Valentine than such basic needs as mine, you can turn to Etsy for some amazing ideas.

The perfect Etsy Valentine’s gifts are personal and unique and take a little time to track down. Etsy is the ideal place to find what you need as the range here is incredible and there is literally something for everyone.

But if you are searching for the perfect thoughtful gift for your loved one it’s time to start looking already.

You could get lost in looking through the shops on Etsy and happily never come up for air, so it might take you weeks to find the right present. And you may need to order soon to give the store time to get your ideal gift to you.

To make your search a bit easier, here is a shortlist of our favourite Etsy Valentine’s gifts for the one you love.

Le Rose Duffle Bag, $40-$70 AUD

Etsy Valentine’s gifts
Personalised Duffle Bag by Le Rose

No one in life ever said, ‘Wow, I take too many short breaks and weekends away – I should really cut back!’

If you are trying to convince your loved one to start taking more mini-breaks away with you, you can entice them with the perfect monogrammed, sexy yet casual duffle bag. This looks gorgeous and encourages spontaneous nights away, so you can never go wrong when you buy this handy gift.

The book is made from cotton canvas and comes monogrammed in your choice of coloured thread. You could go sophisticated and choose your partner’s initials, or be cheeky and get the bag embroidered with your pet name for them.

Timber Docking Station from Woodyoubuy, $50-$100 AUD

Etsy Valentine’s gifts
Timber Docking Station by Woodyoubuy

This timber docking station looks a-may-zing on any bedside table, and if your partner wasn’t swooning over you already, he will be after opening up this gift. It looks modern yet classical and handmade at the same time, and serves a purpose as well.

You can also get this piece custom-stamped with your partner’s initials for an extra personal touch.

LilyCraft Engraved Wallet, $60-$70 AUD

Etsy Valentine’s gifts
Personalised Leather Wallet by LilyCraftAU

Some old-school gifts are timelessly classy. A real leather wallet that has been handcrafted and stitched, customised with your beau’s initials and comes in a carved wooden box? You simply cannot beat that for cool factor.

This is one of those gifts that your partner holds close to his heart for years, and you will see him pull it out to pay for something in a decade’s time and remember the exact Valentine’s Day you bought it for him. And you will both smile.

Ebb & Flow Leather Duffle Bag, $300-$450 AUD

Etsy Valentine’s gifts
Genuine Leather Duffle Bag by Ebb and Flow Leather

Ebb & Flow make stunning soft leather goods, so if you love the idea of handcrafted leather and a cool overnight bag, why not up the ante and choose a rustic-look leather overnight bag for your partner.

They are renowned for their lovely customer service as much as the quality of their goods, so you know you are in good hands here. They also have free shipping within Australia, plus they will gift wrap your item and send it with a lovely heartfelt message from you.

If you want to splash out a little more for your Valentine, this is just the ticket.

Customised Face Socks by Print Cave, $29 – $35 AUD

Etsy Valentine’s gifts
Face Socks by Print Cave Australia

If you want your lover to always have your face on his mind, this is the perfect gift for you. This is so much fun – choose a cute pic of you smiling up at him, or perhaps one of the two of you together, and then get it printed all over some very comfy socks.

Crocodile Skinny Tie by OTAA, $43 AUD

Etsy Valentine’s gifts
Saltwater Crocodile Tie by OTAA

We love the whimsy of a fun tie, but like the personal touch even more of a tie that’s been handmade with care and attention like the ones from OTAA. If your partner wears a tie every day for work, or if he just needs one for a special occasion (such as a wedding), you cannot go wrong with the soft, sophisticated ties from this Etsy store.

They make both skinny and bow ties in a variety of sweet designs – we especially like the green dinosaur, saltwater crocodile or cute Mr Fox.

Beard and Face Combination from The Plant Lab, $40 AUD

Etsy Valentine’s gifts
Beard and Face Oil by The Plant Lab

This skincare range smells and feels so good that you will steal it from him when his back is turned. It’s probably safer to buy a couple of sets including one to keep for yourself (you don’t need to have a beard to enjoy how scrumptious this oil and balm feels on your skin.)

BuKo Wood Watch, $145 AUD

Etsy Valentine’s gifts
Bamboo and Walnut Watch by Buko

I love the look of this beautiful watch.

We live in an age when everyone carries a phone constantly and only needs to glance down at it to see the time – not many people still wear a watch. When your loved one opens up the box and sees this stunning piece, they will happily step back in time to a simpler way of life.

BuKo have a gift with wood and make lovely customised items. You can choose from a number of different wood types or leather band tints, but you won’t be disappointed with any choice.

And if a watch isn’t your thing, they also sell stunning wooden sunglasses!

Galleria Innocente Watch Box, $200-$900 AUD

Etsy Valentine’s gifts
Custom Watch Box by Galleria Innocente

If your partner is already a big fan of watches then he may not need another one, but you won’t go wrong with a hand-carved wooden box like this one from Galleria Innocente.

And this box has a whole James Bond suaveness about it, so much so that even if your partner doesn’t dress like an international spy, he will suddenly be inspired to start looking like one.

Not just a watch box, these original pieces are works of functional modern art. Choose from a range of wood grains and external looks in powder-coated steel. The box can come with foam inserts for a watch collection, or without if you just want a gorgeous box to give to your partner for keepsakes.

nat & elke xx

Main photo by Tessa Shannon Photography

All Prices disclosed in this blog are in Australian Dollars and are subject to change.

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