8 Tips to Give Your Wedding a Touch of ‘Aussie’

Are you planning a wedding but would like to have a theme? Maybe you have thought about adding a bit of Aussie tradition but don’t want to go over the top. We have a few tips of how you can integrate the Aussie theme into your special day without the chants of Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!

Tip #1

Have a beach wedding. We have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and I think that a beach wedding on a gorgeous spring day speaks Aussie. Kick off those heels, throw on a bohemian style wedding dress and head down to your local beach. Another big plus is that most beach wedding venues are free. You just need council approval.

If you want to have that extra special touch you could travel to one of the stunning islands that make up the Whitsundays with some of your close family and friends. One of my favourites is Hamilton Island. This island offers crystal clear water, great accommodation options and the Great Barrier Reef at your doorstep. Just a  note the island travel system is golf buggies so make sure that your groomsmen behave!

Tip # 2

Instead of the standard white lilies or roses for your bouquet why not consider having some of our native flowers. Flowers like Proteas and Banksias have the most stunning colours. Even things like large gum nuts and eucalyptus leaves make great foliage. The bouquet will also last a while after the wedding, rather than roses which will generally only last the day. I can promise that you will receive many comments about your bouquet because of its uniqueness and its Australian resemblance.

Tip #3

Choose an Australia wedding dress designer. There are many talented designers such as Made with Love, Grace Loves Lace, Steven Khalil and Anna Campbell. Yes, their dresses maybe a bit more expensive than the Chinese overseas competition. But you are supporting Australian businesses and keeping the money within Australia. You will also be guaranteed to receive a dress that fits you 100% rather than something that arrives and it is flamingo pink and could fit a 6 year old.

Anna Campbell Dress
Anna Campbell Dress | Photo taken by Emma Pilkington Weddings 

Tip #4

I love this tip! Hiring Australian vintage cars for your wedding. I think this is awesome. Rocking up in a black 1960 Holden FB or pastel pink Holden EK 1961 will have all the heads in the church turned. There are many hobbyists out there that have these prides of joy available for you to hire, or they will even drive you to the ceremony and charge you only for their time.

Or if vintage cars are not your thing. What about a VW Kombie? Yes……..I know before you say it that a Kombie is not an Australian made car. But they are perfect for that beach wedding in tip #1. Imagine hooting one of those squeaky cartoon horns from your Kombie on arrival. LOL.

VW kombie hire for wedding

Tip #5

Have a bar setup with Australian wines and craft beers. This is one to boast about! We have some of the best wines and crafts beer in the world and they won’t break the bank. There would be nothing better than for you and your guests to relax with a glass (or bottle) of sauvignon blanc from the Margaret River or a James Squire pale ale. Ahhhh, I might actually grab myself one now. Getting thirsty thinking about this!

Tip #6

Why not arrange to give your guests a gift that they can use? Small bottles of honey or jam from your local markets or even your backyard is something that every guest will use. Add a cute little tag and pop them into a basket and you’re done! I like the fact that your guests will think of your wedding every time they spread that jam or honey onto their toast.

Tip #7

Seafood, seafood, who said seafood? An Aussie that’s for sure! Australians love seafood. Well, most do. So why not splash out and have a seafood buffet or platter on your reception tables. Yes, it can be a bit messy peeling prawns but no one will care. Or if they complain just give them a bib and some gloves and tell them to pipe up.

It could be something that you could DIY. Just head down to your local trawlers that morning and pickup the freshest bugs, prawns, oysters and my favourite…..lobster!

Tip #8

We all know that lamingtons and pavlova are the Aussie cake traditions. (Even though apparently the pavlova originated in New Zealand…..but we still claim it as our own!) Love them both to pieces but I feel they should stay being served at Christmas BBQs and not replace the traditional wedding cake. However have a beautiful half-naked mud or sponge cake, like the one below, decorated with some native Australia flowers is more suitable. This kind of cake would look elegant at a country or garden wedding anywhere in Australia.

semi-naked Wedding cake
Photo by Sweet Tooth Canberra 

Australia may not have wedding traditions such as the Greek plate smashing or the Scottish kilt-wearing, but instead, we have elements of our landscape, food and fashion that still speak Aussie. The best thing about these elements is that you can pick and choose how much you would like weaving within your wedding day. So cheers to Australian wedding traditions!

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