Our Tips

Our Tips on Selling or Renting Your Dress

  1. Make the decision to list your dress. Wedding dresses have a range of feelings attached to them and this first step can be the hardest.
  2. Have your dress cleaned and boxed. If you are advertising the dress for hire, have it done to a standard you would be happy to receive yourself. Maybe even ask the company for a discount for repeat service if you are looking at hiring your dress.
  3. Decide whether you would like to sell, hire or list for both. We recommend listing your dress for sale at 50% or less of the dress’ RRP or hire at 25% of the dress’ RRP.
  4. If you are looking at hiring out your dress, consider looking at insuring your dress.
  5. Select your photos for the listing that are clear and focus on the detail of the dress. Use photos where the dress is not hung and is worn in person so that the buyers/borrowers can see how the dress looks on.
  6. Write your dress’ description. Include the designer, any materials that the dress is made out of, the sizing of the dress and any extra details that you think are important for the potential buyer or borrower to know. The sizing of the dress is important, as people will be hiring/buying your dress based on these measurements. If you are unsure about your dress measurements we recommend that you hire a professional seamstress to provide you these measurements. The description is also important in avoiding disputes, so be sure to list any defaults with the dress on your listing.
  7. Select your listing price – either Silver or Gold. If you are after that extra exposure for your dress then the Gold Package is for you!
  8. Be prompt with communication between yourself and the buyers/borrowers. If you receive a message regarding your dress, return their enquiry at your earliest convenience so you don’t miss out on that sale/hire.
  9. When hiring out your dress, ensure that you send the dress at least two weeks prior to the borrowers wedding day with a tracking number and a return paid postage bag.