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Australia’s Pre-Loved Wedding Dress Marketplace

Brides dream about having their perfect dress for their wedding day. The expense and hassle of finding the perfect dress can be a bit more than any bride bargained for.

Have you ever considered the perfect wedding dress could be a pre-loved dress?

We can help you find an incredible dress for a fraction of the cost. We believe that every beautiful dress deserves more than one day and there are so many stunning wedding dresses ready for you

At Only Dream Dresses, we have created a convenient marketplace to connect dress owners that would like to share their beautiful gowns with potential new owners or borrowers.

Modern brides are savvy about money and they are also more globally aware and socially conscious. It just doesn’t make sense to the modern bride to spend so much on a dress. We think spending it on a honeymoon sounds like a much better idea! This modern way of finding that perfect dress and creating those forever memories is what Only Dream Dresses is all about.

With weddings becoming increasingly expensive, more couples are looking for ways to reduce the cost of their wedding but still have that magical day. Not only do we offer the savvy bride a way to recoup some money on their wedding dress, but also designer dresses for those brides looking for that unique dress.

Only Dream Dresses will help you look fabulous in an innovative, economical way which still focuses on what matters – your perfect dress on your wedding day.


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