10 Most Unique Wedding Dresses of All Time

Your wedding dress is THE outfit, of course, the most important one you will choose, the most memorable one of your life. It can make it hard to choose a wedding gown if you put this level of pressure on it.

Your wedding dress should be uniquely you. It should make you look your best and make you feel happy in it. If you aren’t sure where to start with your search for the perfect wedding day outfit (and who says who have to have only one – by the way?) check out our list below of the 10 Most Unique Wedding Dresses of All Time.

Wedding dresses are by nature very subjective concepts, which can bring out polarising opinions. What one person loves the next person loathes. These dresses are one of a kind, ahead of the curve and have become iconic because they stood out so much.

See if you can get some inspiration from this list…

10 Most Unique Wedding Dresses of All Time

10 Unique wedding dresses of all time | Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

Queen Victoria

It was this fashion-forward queen who started the trend for white wedding dresses which brides still follow almost religiously today. She was also one of the first royals to be copied the world over by brides. Her gown when she married her love Prince Albert in 1840 would still look perfect with a few modern tweaks for a contemporary wedding.

We also love: the elegance and simplicity of the dress worn by Queen Elizabeth when she married Prince Phillip at just 21 years of age. She saved up wartime coupons to pay for the fabric, as all brides at the time had to do, but she still wore a dress to last the ages.

Grace Kelly

Before Meghan, another Hollywood actress married her prince and made us all swoon. Grace wore a beautiful gown adorned with full lace sleeves and a high neckline. The dress was made from silk taffeta, antique rose-point lace, and pearls. 

We also love: it seems like just yesterday, but the day Kate Middleton married was 8 years ago now. Her dress showed reflections of Princess Grace’s but with more sleek and modern touches that brides everywhere adored.

Audrey Hepburn

When the stunning Miss Hepburn married Mel Ferrer in 1954 she wore a beautiful gown that personified the 1950s perfectly. It was a ballerina length and simply adorned; elegant and classy and setting the trend for brides to copy even through to today.

We also love: the romantic and playful dress worn by Jacqueline Kennedy on her wedding day in 1953, another gorgeous example of the style of the time.

Yoko Ono

This outfit was totally 1960s, free-spirited and chilled-out, showing that although it is the biggest day of her life, a bride can wear whatever she wants. Yoko wore a hip mini dress, an oversized hat, and her signature large sunglasses.

We also love: the skirt suit that Bianca Jagger wore for her wedding to Mick, perfectly on trend and famously worn with nothing under the jacket as she was 4 months pregnant.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani threw tradition out the window and wore an unforgettable gown designed by John Galliano, which had an amazing ombre pink effect getting darker as your eye moved down the skirt. A beautiful work of art.

We also love: although not a real person, Carrie Bradshaw’s dress was iconic enough to set off hundreds of copycat gowns for brides wanting to be as stylish as she looked. Her memorable outfit by Vivienne Westwood showcased a strapless neckline, asymmetrical skirt and teal feathers in her hair.

Keira Knightley

In a tiny intimate ceremony, the actress married her rockstar husband and was fashionably understated and comfortable. She wore a strapless couture Chanel dress with a tulle skirt and a cute tweed jacket by Lagerfeld.

We also love: for brides going with chic comfort over yards and yards of fabric, we also love the jumpsuit worn by Solange Knowles as her second outfit on her 2014 wedding day.

Emma Thompson

For sheer uniqueness, we can’t go past the colourful outfit worn by Emma Thompson when she married Kenneth Branagh in 1989. It was a very 1980’s look, but wonderfully individual and showed the world how a bride can bring her own personal touches and creative style to her wedding day.

We also love: another OTT 1980’s gown was worn by Brigitte Nielson in 1985 when she married Sylvester Stallone. Not something we might find popular today, certainly, but it was unique and won’t be quickly forgotten!

Carolyn Bessette Kennedy

When Carolyn married John F Kennedy Junior she was lovely in understated Narciso Rodriguez. Elegant and refined it was barely adorned, and just let her natural minimalist beauty shine. It was proof that you could be one of the world’s most famous women but you didn’t have to be covered in bling to show off.

We also love: the simple and sexy gown worn by Monica Geller when she married longtime friend Chandler Bing was also something that had understated brides swooning.

10 unique wedding dresses of all time | Amal Cooney
George and Amal Clooney

Portia de Rossi

For smart and sophisticated brides, we love the trend set by Portia on her 2008 wedding day. This shows you how to be bold and powerful, yet as pretty as you want as well when you marry the love of your life. Her backless halter neck Zac Posen gown had a full tulle skirt. Her beautiful bride Ellen was also iconic in one of the first wedding suits we really liked.

We also love: the graceful elegance of the suit worn by Amal Clooney on her big day.

Kate Moss

In 2011, Kate Moss wore a romantic bohemian slip gown that showed that relaxed brides can also look like princesses. Almost as beautiful as the dress was the glowing smile the bride wore on her happy day as well!

We also love: for modern brides with a classical sense of what looks amazing, we also love the dress worn by Fearne Cotton when she wed Jesse Wood (son of Rolling Stone, Ronnie Wood). There was nothing not to love about this look, from the jewelled neckline to the flattering short sleeves and almost full-length, showing off a peek at the most stunning shoes.

Was your favourite on our list? Comment and let us know!


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